[Rifle] Yugo Capture Kar98K 8mm “NRA Fair” $490

[Rifle] Yugo Capture Kar98K 8mm “NRA Fair” $490


[Rifle] Yugo Capture Kar98K 8mm “NRA Fair” $490

10 reviews for [Rifle] Yugo Capture Kar98K 8mm “NRA Fair” $490

  1. IWillBuildAGreatWall

    If this is the royal tiger batch, and it certainly looks like it is, I wouldn’t recommend this. Fucked up/missing parts, no finish, rust, and trashed barrels are what you may expect

  2. LtBiggDiggs

    Captured M98s indiscriminately graded as “fair” for $500; what the actual fuck

  3. WaggingDriftwood

    This is definitely from the royal tiger imports batch from Ethiopia, the Amharic inscription and the non existent finish give it away. It’s almost guaranteed that the barrel is non serviceable from what I’ve personally observed from guns from this batch. I’d be a buyer honestly at less than half this price and then probably not because it’s probably going cost hundreds to get it rebarreled and to get it to even function safely. I’d be intrigued at 100-200$ as a wallhanger

  4. solar93x

    Based on the video they aren’t hand selecting them or grading them. But they are picking out the best ones for themselves. Disappointed but can’t really blame them.

  5. solar93x

    What does a good quality, all matching k98 cost nowadays?

  6. Spicy_Boi-89

    RTI is a an aweful company to deal with.

  7. chevyfried

    Did they have to kill a Nazi to get it?

  8. RedHotRhapsody

    Been wanting a decent k98, should I jump on this?

  9. WACOtheATF

    Just go to a gun show and buy one of these for $200 from a boomer

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