[rifle] Winchester Wildcat SR – $249.99 with a $50 coupon for future you – sportsmans ship to store

[rifle] Winchester Wildcat SR – $249.99 with a $50 coupon for future you – sportsmans ship to store


[rifle] Winchester Wildcat SR – $249.99 with a $50 coupon for future you – sportsmans ship to store

10 reviews for [rifle] Winchester Wildcat SR – $249.99 with a $50 coupon for future you – sportsmans ship to store

  1. ChunkyBrassMonkey

    “Paw can I borrow the space plinker to hunt lazer squirrels before the school bus to Mars City shows up?”

  2. Snoo-13577

    I picked up one of these for around this price last Thanksgiving, mainly because it was compatible with 10/22 mags.

    The takedown button system works, but needs to be broken in a bit. After that, it’s loads easier than my 10/22 to strip and clean. Some of the controls are cheaper feeling. The red stripe you can see above the mag well is actually an alternate mag release.

    The bolt release feels super flimsy (skeletonized red tab when viewing from left hand side). The stock looks weird but it’s super lightweight and feels ok. Stock sights are ok, I got a cheap rimfire scope on sale for like $50. I should also mention the first one they took out of the box (after doing all paperwork first) had an insane amount of surface rust. This was at RK, so whether the fault is with them or Winchester, I’m not sure. Just inspect carefully.

    All that being said, the coupon makes this cheaper than most 10/22s currently, and you get a threaded barrel which is an easy $100+ upgrade.

    Is it my favorite .22 ever? No. Would I get another for this price? Yep.

  3. sulaco83

    These are made where, turkey?

  4. merkins_galore

    I bought one a few months ago and it’s great. It feels solid even though it’s mainly plastic. I’ve had no issues at all when I’ve taken out to the range. It is extremely reliable and accurate for how cheap it is. You can also drop the action out of it for cleaning without any tools. I would highly suggest it.

  5. kaw202

    Copy pasta.

    Earn coupon with a qualifying online purchase of $200 or more made between 6/4/2021 and 6/20/2021. Limit one per customer, per transaction, per day. Coupon code redemption valid online only 7/5/2021 through 7/18/2021. Coupon is single use only. Cannot be combined with other offers. Cannot be applied towards gift-cards or licenses. No cash value. Not valid on previous purchases. Limited to stock on hand. No rainchecks. Current employees and their spouses are non-eligible.

  6. TapirTamer

    I’m waiting for the TX22 16 rounders to come back in stock. You can get one $50 coupon per day

  7. STR_ange_tastes

    Anyone got an opinion on these? I very much don’t need it (have my basic 10/22 bedded in a nice stock and my tcr-22 for “better in every way”, as well as knowing my next purchase is gonna be a brownells or volq receiver for a fully custom build), but it obviously looks cool ah, and it’s cheap at least.

  8. theycallmedelicious

    Bought one for my son to use. It’s great. Easy cleaning and we sent 300 rounds through it the first day without any any issues. Get the one with the threaded barrel if you can find it.

  9. RugerRedhawk

    They are normally $225ish at bass pro and cabelas just FYI. I enjoy mine, I put a sig red dot on it for kicks.

  10. DStroyour

    Is there a r/plebian22 subreddit?

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