[Rifle] WASR-10 Black Polymer $999.99

[Rifle] WASR-10 Black Polymer $999.99


[Rifle] WASR-10 Black Polymer $999.99

7 reviews for [Rifle] WASR-10 Black Polymer $999.99

  1. mikeniko

    Look around, these are avalible for under $850. Google UPC : 787450690936

  2. Ken808

    Zastava probably the better value AK right now, unless you need to have an AKM pattern rifle, in which case this WASR will be better than most any domestic-made AK, like a PSA or worse.

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  5. Seminolemarlin2014

    Don’t pay this for a WASR. A year ago? Sure. Now? No.

  6. wormraper

    PSA had them for $799 earlier

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