[Rifle] VZ 58 CQB Rifle Czechpoint – $1595

[Rifle] VZ 58 CQB Rifle Czechpoint – $1595


[Rifle] VZ 58 CQB Rifle Czechpoint – $1595

13 reviews for [Rifle] VZ 58 CQB Rifle Czechpoint – $1595

  1. KingKulak

    I would like to get one of these at some point just for collection purposes but for this price point you’re getting into wbp/beryl/arsenal territory and idk enough about the vz to know if it’s justified

    Anyone more in the know please fill me in

  2. SgtHop

    I have two Czechpoint rifles and they are worth every bit of what I paid for them which was about $200 less than this pre-rona. One is just a standard 7.62 rifle, and one is an 8″ 5.56. I love them both but for different reasons. They’re super high quality guns though and you really can’t go wrong with them.

  3. holy2oledo

    This is an excellent rifle. I think I paid $100 more for a mint D-Technik Unfired and OG packaging maybe 7 months ago?

    Haven’t gotten around to taking off the barrel shroud.

  4. Figdudeton

    Man, I have a Century VZ 2008 that I upgraded the bolt carrier on to a tabbed version and I really enjoy it, but I still really want a Czechpoint one. The price is only going up, but I just can’t afford it right now. Sad face.

  5. flhoneybadger

    Could I swap a set of beaver barf on here without any modification? Other than a little filing for fitment

  6. Invisible_Enron_CEO

    Best version of this rifle by far. It’s much higher quality than any AK available (yes, even Arsenal) and it’s fucking sick.

    Buy with confidence.

  7. Go_For_Broke442

    im starting to get into AKs i think.

    want a VZ58, but… m4 tube that doesnt fold? how much of a pain in the ass will this be to swap to, say, a magpul zhukov stock?

  8. MethLeppard

    So sick

  9. FabulousMetalWorks

    Daily reminder to myself that I traded a pos Remington 1911 for a D-Technik Vz. 58 once… which was an amazing deal… and sold it for like $800… of every gun deal I’ve ever done, that one hurts the most… I should’ve kept it

  10. nathme

    looks like a horrible cheap muzzle device

  11. NeedHobbies

    This is honestly probably my favorite rifle. I did swap some furniture to basically make my own paratrooper model with the folding stock and some beaver barf. Not too horribly marked up, want to say maybe $100-200 from about this time last year.

  12. Illustrious_Ad_498

    I remember buying these for $400 🥲😢

  13. always_an_eagle

    I need one in my collection. For those in ban states, they make a fixed mag version of the VZ 58 rifle. If they would make a fixed mag version for the VZ 58 that would be cool.

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