[Rifle] UZI STYLE RIFLE 9MM RMUZ 09 $1599

[Rifle] UZI STYLE RIFLE 9MM RMUZ 09 $1599


[Rifle] UZI STYLE RIFLE 9MM RMUZ 09 $1599

19 reviews for [Rifle] UZI STYLE RIFLE 9MM RMUZ 09 $1599

  1. [deleted]


  2. mark2347

    Atlantic has jumped the shark

  3. jhizzzzzz

    What is going on with atlantics prices? Do they just not care anymore?

  4. guantanamojoe134


  5. Shooets-Envy-12

    Awful price, we are out of the pandemic not starting

  6. InsuranceSuccessful7

    you can buy an IMI made uzi for about the same price , A real one. These guys have bumped their head.

  7. Rjsmith5

    A couple of things:

    First, who makes these? It doesn’t appear that they list the maker, which is kind of nice to know.

    Second, Uzi clones are a blast. I’m glad I got one years ago for 1/3rd this price.

  8. Chulgo

    I frowed up

  9. x-arms

    Big yikes. I think the last one I built ran me around $700. Cranked one out for $400 once, but I fabbed my own receiver and bolt.

  10. Dionysusigma

    Are these as uncomfortable as they look?

  11. gkjhgkjh

    Demand and supply. We should decrease some demand

  12. desertSkateRatt

    For when you want to be Sergeant Kathleen Kirkland (Tackleberry’s girlfriend) after you burst into Sweetchuck’s chandelier store and trash the place…

  13. Overpowernamerino

    Uzi has no charm without full auto

  14. Not_The_Real_Jake

    Atlantic always seems to have some cool stuff, but whats with these prices?

  15. Tuco86x

    Annnnddd they’re sold out. Guess there was enough cucks out there

  16. Togarr22

    Dio mio, what is this thing?

  17. always_an_eagle

    Does this say UZI on the receiver?

  18. SixGunCold


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