[Rifle] TRIARC TSR-15S 16″ 5.56 RIFLE – $1850

[Rifle] TRIARC TSR-15S 16″ 5.56 RIFLE – $1850


[Rifle] TRIARC TSR-15S 16″ 5.56 RIFLE – $1850

7 reviews for [Rifle] TRIARC TSR-15S 16″ 5.56 RIFLE – $1850

  1. Clay_Hakaari

    Update for other Triarc customers looking at this to see their turn over rate.

    I recently emailed them and they confirmed they have only processed about 3 weeks worth of orders from when I last touched in June. So still around Sept/Oct 2020. They are still getting stuffed from their handguard OEM which is preventing orders from being fulfilled.

    Their new handguards will be hitting the market in Q1/Q2 of 2022 to help meet demand. I personally however asked if I could just amend my order for a couple of parts and send in a rail system from a different company. If you choose that route you will not be refunded/charged the difference until they ship your order.

  2. Twinrods1995

    Hypebeast prices go BRRRRRRRr

  3. JPD232

    If only this were the 13.9.

  4. BjDrizzle69

    Seems kinda pricey for a $1-1.2k rifle.

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  6. ihavefat

    Bot oos

  7. nafstaph4

    Is this worth the $1850?, not in the market for an AR but just wondering. I’ve heard good things about triarc but not too familiar with them

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