[Rifle] TIPPMANN ARMS M4-22 PRO .22LR $429.95 & $50 rebate

[Rifle] TIPPMANN ARMS M4-22 PRO .22LR $429.95 & $50 rebate


[Rifle] TIPPMANN ARMS M4-22 PRO .22LR $429.95 & $50 rebate

12 reviews for [Rifle] TIPPMANN ARMS M4-22 PRO .22LR $429.95 & $50 rebate

  1. KT515

    Thanks OP. I own an 8” elite pistol and it’s great. Just ordered an 11” elite with this rebate at $450 it is a smoking deal. Sold both my M&P 15-22’s as these are just better. I know it’s weird, it’s a paintball company but whatever.

  2. Israel_Gynesanya

    These things are slept on in gun subreddits. I love my micro elite version

  3. ThorryThori

    Gimme the elite

  4. WasteBrief

    Great price for a great gun. I love mine, I paid $550 total a year ago.

  5. booboonuts

    Do these have LRBHO and a functioning bolt catch? I built my own dedicated .22LR upper and miss those two things.

  6. Thug_Life_Fudd

    I love mine, but the loading of mags has to be done very specifically or ftfs. They need better gen 2 mags and this will be the m&p killer

  7. aerozona_dude

    I went with the hk416 over this paid around the same

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  9. Maximus_Ballsackus

  10. adlep2002

    Tempting; damn you!

  11. jessejames84

    What’s the deal with the $11 shipping insurance? Never seen that from other online retailers.

  12. beezenants73

    So the Elite pistol is 499.00, with shipping and tax it comes to $568, with the rebate that brings it down $518.00. Is that still a solid deal?

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