[Rifle] Tikka T3x Arctic 6.5 Creedmoor “Like New Demo Rifle” $1898

[Rifle] Tikka T3x Arctic 6.5 Creedmoor “Like New Demo Rifle” $1898


[Rifle] Tikka T3x Arctic 6.5 Creedmoor “Like New Demo Rifle” $1898

12 reviews for [Rifle] Tikka T3x Arctic 6.5 Creedmoor “Like New Demo Rifle” $1898

  1. echocall2

    Non “demo” .308 and 6.5s also [in stock for $2100](https://www.eurooptic.com/tikka-t3x-arctic-rifles.aspx)

    Edit: These rifles are cool as fuck but too expensive IMO. Guarantee you’ll be he baddest MF at deer camp with this tho

  2. Drauggib

    I can finally LARP as a Canadian backcountry ranger!

  3. Lord_Vorkosigan

    Paying almost $2k for a Tikka CTR with iron sights and an ugly stock? I guess Canadians will buy anything.

  4. Lanmowerman

    I got some excellent chicken tikka in Ottawa a few years ago. Would do it again.

  5. Chimeran_Horde

    Anything near this without hopping over the one grand barrier? I shoot a lot of surplus, so I love the concept of a modern bolt rifle with good irons, but don’t love it enough to part with this kind of dough. Competitive options, anyone? I don’t care that this is used to play footsies with a cooky Canuck outfit

  6. yellowback69

    God I want this, but I’d never have the heart to take it out trailblazing and getting scratched to hell

  7. PCgaming4ever

    What is this monstrosity?

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  9. 420Phase_It_Up

    I’d be all over this if it came in a blue finish and didn’t have such any ugly stock. I’ve been wanting a modern bolt action rifle with iron sights for plinking but haven’t really found anything too fill that niche.

  10. MountainMugwump

    Didn’t know these were available in 6.5 and really didn’t need this temptation right now.

  11. t0rk

    Holy shit, the mags are > $110?

  12. calunicornia

    pre cum in my pants

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