[rifle] Thompson Center Compass Rifle various calibers 243, 270, 7mm mag $369

[rifle] Thompson Center Compass Rifle various calibers 243, 270, 7mm mag $369


[rifle] Thompson Center Compass Rifle various calibers 243, 270, 7mm mag $369

13 reviews for [rifle] Thompson Center Compass Rifle various calibers 243, 270, 7mm mag $369

  1. askclydefrog

    Got one of these in .308 last year this time that included a vortex crossfire ii 3×9 for $325 after the mail in rebate. Amazing deer rifle for the money and scope is good enough for me. 1 moa all day with fmj target ammo and soft point hunting ammo.

  2. GloryholeKaleidscope

    They just opened a Sportsman’s Warehouse in my town and I couldn’t be happier. They had Blazer 9mm 115gr brass on grand opening promo for .24CPR (21.99 per box of 50 w/ 10$ off instant rebate) and I went hard. 2 skids sold out in 4 days. Just my buddies and I cleared 5 cases, THAT’S a grand opening I can get behind!

  3. BussyAficionado

    I got this in .308 for $190. MCarbo sells a $25 trigger spring to fix the pull weight. Really nice rifle for the price and shoots very well

  4. zorbaguppie

    I don’t own one, but for a budget rifle specs seem good for the price- free-float barrel with 5R rifling, threaded muzzle, aluminum pillar bedding system

    Also, Kahr P9 for $369…in Lewiston, ID.


  5. TheChance916

    Mine in 6.5 fucking stacks SB 140gr. Added the mcarbo spring and it’s a very nice trigger. Should have got two.

  6. Zastavarian

    Not sure if this is the original Compass or Compass ii. Doesnt appear to be the Compass ii. My understanding is you want the ii for the upgraded trigger.

    My Compass ii in 6.5creedmor has been great. Havent been able to stretch it past 100yds because local range maxes at 100yds.

  7. turbo_vanner

    I have a 223 and 308, both are sub MOA with just about any combo of good bullets and powder. A few weeks ago I had a 5 shot group measure .19″ at 100 yards from the .223. and a couple at .5″

    Edit – mine are the compass 2 models, which have a nicer trigger. Still a good rifle though.

  8. mcjon77

    Have they started their mail-in rebate yet? That is what I am waiting for.

  9. hoplophilepapist

    Got one in 30-06 when they came out and were like $200 after rebates and such. She ugly but works just fine. Just don’t drop you mag on a tile floor. They like $40 each.

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  11. freakyfapper

    Damn not a store in my state.

  12. Rockonmyfriend

    My problem with these is they don’t have very much of a shoulder behind the barrel threads…

  13. KeithJamesB

    Is this actually on sale or just available?

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