[Rifle] S&W M&P15-22 22LR Carbine, 25 + 1 w/ M&P100 r/g red dot $429 with code “WELCOME20”

[Rifle] S&W M&P15-22 22LR Carbine, 25 + 1 w/ M&P100 r/g red dot $429 with code “WELCOME20”


[Rifle] S&W M&P15-22 22LR Carbine, 25 + 1 w/ M&P100 r/g red dot $429 with code “WELCOME20”

15 reviews for [Rifle] S&W M&P15-22 22LR Carbine, 25 + 1 w/ M&P100 r/g red dot $429 with code “WELCOME20”

  1. Dave_A_Computer

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen these dots in the wild. Allegedly Smith thinks they’re worth $250 (which is laughable) but the second hand market drops them for $95 which seems more accurate.

    Once again code is “welcome20” as if we all didn’t have it memorized already.

  2. OfficialHavik

    Must have gun. This thing is fun AF

  3. Eleet007

    This gun is fantastic. If you buy it, I highly recommend upgrading to a Voltquartsen extractor. I’ve put thousands of rounds through mine without issue. Also, a standard AR15 trigger will fit in these, although people say you have to use the stock pins since the lower receiver is not the same size as a standard AR15 lower. I didn’t find this to be the case when I changed the trigger on mine the other day. The trigger/hammer pins that shipped with the Aero trigger I bought were the exact same length as the stock trigger pins I took out.

  4. FernineE

    This or a nice 10/22

  5. Apocuhlips

    Any good ways to make this side folding? I know tacticool22 sells an adaptor but lacked instructions.

  6. AnEffortIsBeingMade

    Not the worst 22 AR out there, but if you’re seriously considering this, at least take a look at the Tippmann, as well. It’s a bit more expensive but a big step up in quality.

  7. fft32

    What’s a good price without the red dot? I’d probably want a 503cu

  8. sparecycle

    I purchased mine July 2020 for $400 with their included scope and bi-pod. I can’t speak for the included red dot but the S&W scope was very much a baseline scope that I quickly replaced with a red dot I had on hand. I’ve seen this model with scope or iron sights on sale for $400 in first few months of 2021. The issue I’ve ran into is that the proprietary magazine prices jumped from $14.99 as of August 2020 to $25 or even $35 when they’re actually in stock. I initially assumed (4) 25-round magazines would be enough for a plinker but it led to a lot of time reloading as you burn through 25 rounds fairly quickly. When every site had the mags OOS, I folded and picked up the Blackdog S&W M&P15-.22 50R Drum from Joe Bob’s for $65.

    EDIT: Looks like the magazines for this gun are mostly back in stock everywhere for roughly $25/ea.

  9. Ifixeditbutgood

    If anyone decides to pick one of these up, I HIGHLY recommend you replace the extractor. The OE one is a punched steel piece and has a tendency to jam. A lot. I was only getting 8-12 rnds before it would jam. Tried all sorts of ammo, lubed the shit out of it and nothing seemed to help. Picked up the Volquartsen extractor for under $20 shipped and have had zero issues since.

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  11. Domanfp

    Just what I was looking for!

  12. Jackers83

    I gotta do some digging to see if these are legal in Connecticut.

  13. elias1035

    Pretty sure psa has this for 419 with irons. I replaced the crimson trace anyways

  14. Templetam

    I love mine but hated the dot. Replaced it with a Bucknell TRS 25 and have been very happy.

  15. funksaves

    Can you slap a 556 upper on this down the road?

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