[Rifle] Steyr AUG Green Standard Extended Rail $1727

[Rifle] Steyr AUG Green Standard Extended Rail $1727


[Rifle] Steyr AUG Green Standard Extended Rail $1727

16 reviews for [Rifle] Steyr AUG Green Standard Extended Rail $1727

  1. SirRolex

    One of my dream guns. One day I’ll have the money for it. One day…

  2. Veetordik

    I got one, yissssssss. I’ll admit I’ve stocked up on a few upgrades based on recommendations from the cool people over in the Aug subreddit.

    *nvm fucked by OOS/refund email. RIP

  3. ramblinspooner

    Good price on a fantastic firearm. Standard/Green is the one you want

  4. hospitalchurn

    Fucking V1Tactical.

    I paid for this exact model from them 6 months ago…still waiting

  5. sulaco83

    Well this is some bullshit, my order went through and as I was shopping for accessories I got an email my order was canceled due to OOS.

  6. DillynBleu

    This won’t last long! 😎

  7. SalemLXII

    Shit this is X95 money damn I’m tempted

  8. Fishy_Hipster

    Is this the model that can have the ejection port changed for left hand?

  9. lostseamen

    I still prefer the nato one since buying new magazines is expensive. This is a really good price though, plus you can use those authentic 42 rounders.

  10. Modal_Soul


  11. Dramatic_Rock3148

    Also just got cancellation email that order can’t be fulfilled as out of stock..

  12. Modal_Soul

    lol put another one down for cancelled, oh well

  13. tubadude2

    Of course these all come back after I run my gun fund dry on a CMP 1911 and Midway M1 Carbine

  14. [deleted]


  15. SrRoundedbyFools

    $1838 in stock at warehouse….6/14 2100 PST. People should gather pitchforks.

  16. InfiniteWalrus09


    I go in to the hospital to help some suicidal kids and this pops while I’m away. Fml.

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