[RIFLE] STEYR AUG A3 M1 556N $1650 + $25 shipping

[RIFLE] STEYR AUG A3 M1 556N $1650 + $25 shipping


[RIFLE] STEYR AUG A3 M1 556N $1650 + $25 shipping

33 reviews for [RIFLE] STEYR AUG A3 M1 556N $1650 + $25 shipping

  1. N20Joe

    Damn, someone got lucky. Congrats and fuck you.

  2. YakitoriSenpai

    Only one. See who’s the lucky boy this time.

  3. JackEstab0n

    Got here in 3 mins and its oos, I’m actually heartbroken

  4. zippitydoodiddly

    I’m glad this was out of stock. My bank account cant handle it but Im not sure I would have been able to resist.

  5. failwheeldrive1

    Great deal, these have been tough to find for under $2,000 in the COVID era.

    Edit: OOS

  6. thatantidote

    If I ever see a green one it’s a wrap for me

  7. AimingSouthwest

    If it’s not green then it doesn’t get my green.

  8. underwelming_donkey

    2 mins that was fast

  9. BobbyBigGulp

    If only it was green.

  10. EastwoodRavine85

    Phew, if this had been in stock I would have been a goner, that price *chef’s kiss*

    First decent in-stock price for an AUG and it’s happening, holding for <$1800

  11. SnoopsHubby

    Fuck, that is smoking hot deal. Honestly glad I missed it.

  12. ilove60sstuff

    I went to a gunshow the other day and saw somebody selling a mosin (granted it was the rare 1941 Tula) with two spam cans for $2k. We now live in a world where an AUG is cheaper. I’m kinda happy on that trade off

  13. victorconcepts

    Wow that was fast

  14. LxnsIX

    I’d want the white or green but fuck for that price it could be anything it wants to be

  15. zorbaguppie

    To our Military/Veterans/LE friends. All models AUG and colors $1575 direct from Steyr. Follow the simple steps of you qualify. Lead time 8-10 months.


  16. DocHolidayiN

    So close.

  17. Bcomplexity

    Damn, WHO IS IT

  18. azfeels

    Damn Georgia gunstore is my new favorite shop. Killing it with steady Glock deals, and a few surprises like this. Hope they keep it up!!!

  19. maneco3000

    Yes!!!!! Didn’t buy but it’s a sign that nature is healing

  20. Chapped_Assets

    That’s what I got mine for…. 8 years ago. This was a nice find

  21. djburn831

    Has anyone seen one of these in white with the built in optic anywhere?

  22. Wampusfish

    Anyone bought from this website? They have so many guns I’ve been looking for at oddly fair prices lol. Is it legit?

  23. PewPewMcDooDoo

    This is less than I paid for mine last May. Whoever got this got a steal.

  24. CloudZ1116

    God damnit folks, my bank account thanks you all for making this OOS.

  25. Mushy93

    good lord, That’s basically free.

  26. falsruletheworld

    Holy shit what a smoking deal!

  27. WesternFeed

    For those not aware, steyr has a really good discount t for LE, and military (active and veterans). The Aug comes out to something like $1600 but has a wait time of a year.

  28. Lobotomite430

    Paid 1899 for a standard local not even mad at this deal! After buying mine at 1899 I’d do it again and again. It’s as old as an ar but in my opinion better. Reloading a mag is slower only slightly but everything else makes up for that. Take your 11″ AR and I will take my 16″ AUG

  29. Puss_Lips

    I want a white one.

  30. savae5

    I want one, but I like the ones that take ar mags.

  31. LoveYourKitty

    I know the answer is “yes” but is this weapon system really worth the premium?

  32. dildoschwaggins–

    I want one bad, but would def replace the trigger . Shot a few and don’t like that spongy weird trigger. Great price though!

  33. Kawaii_West

    I will ruin my life for one of these in green or white at $1,500

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