[Rifle] Springfield M1A Standard .308 Win/7.62 NATO 10rd 22″ – $1599.99

[Rifle] Springfield M1A Standard .308 Win/7.62 NATO 10rd 22″ – $1599.99


[Rifle] Springfield M1A Standard .308 Win/7.62 NATO 10rd 22″ – $1599.99

15 reviews for [Rifle] Springfield M1A Standard .308 Win/7.62 NATO 10rd 22″ – $1599.99

  1. BrokenBodyEngineer

    The m14 is the most… 1920’s sowing machine like rifle to shoot. Racking the bolt back feels like shifting gears on a well broken in sports car.

    Enjoy it for what it is, not what you want it to be.

  2. joseph-1998-XO

    Dear Santa, please get me this

  3. AErrorist

    “Gordy is gone man. I’ll be outside, good luck.”

  4. OfficerJoseph

    I own this exact model and it is by far my favorite gun. The action is so smooth and satisfying.

  5. danonjj

    i had to watch a video of it being disassembled for me to not want it so badly anymore.

  6. ihcubguy

    Is it coincidence that I have that much cash in my wallet? Maybe more devine intervention?

  7. Demogorgo

    I have one of these, and the buttplate got rusted super deep because i had it stood-up on some carpet during the winter. I could have done more, but no other rifle did this.

  8. recapdrake

    Reject worst rifle in us military history, embrace AR10

  9. SpacklingCumFart

    I always wanted one until I found out how inaccurate they are.

  10. samiam0295

    This is the same price as a complete Aero AR-10. A built rifle might come in cheaper, but DIY AR10’s are notoriously difficult to gas correctly. I just don’t get the hate on these, it’s not a bolt gun designed for a 16x scope, it’s a minute of man 308 battle rifle. You won’t find a FAL for this, and the 91 clones are generally shit.

  11. lama579

    Is this the closest Springfield makes to a true M-14 clone? If I drop this into an M-14 stock what am I missing?

  12. ankitsaxena2912

    Is this a good price for this rifle? I am not sure what pre covid prices were like

  13. ArmchairStrategist

    I have many guns. I love my M1A.

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