[Rifle] Springfield M1A SOCOM 16 7.62/.308 $1599.99

[Rifle] Springfield M1A SOCOM 16 7.62/.308 $1599.99


[Rifle] Springfield M1A SOCOM 16 7.62/.308 $1599.99

13 reviews for [Rifle] Springfield M1A SOCOM 16 7.62/.308 $1599.99

  1. BrewTuna

    Bought a Tanker earlier this year. By far my favorite rifle. Runs like a top and it’s pretty accurate; just remember it’s a battle rifle, not a DMR with 10x scope.

  2. fitgranticus

    I know these are inferior to SR25/AR10 or whatever but something about these just makes me want one for no logical reason.

  3. MrBugshank

    Price is bullshit for what you get but still way better than Cabelas or Dicks wanting 2399.99 for the same thing.

    As an M14 snob I will offer my take. The SOCOM is a fun, handy, relatively lightweight .308 that is very smooth shooting with a light recoil impulse. But the sights are absolute ass; you don’t get that M1 Garand/M14 sight picture (which is beautiful), you get an obnoxiously fat, blocky front post that they used to make room for the tritium insert that you will never use in night shooting.

    The stock is shit. M14’s are typically about 4 MOA guns but they can be fantastically accurized and it’s a boatload of fun doing so. Most of that accurization will come with replacing that shit-tier, flexy, nasty, lightweight polymer stock. M14’s need rigidity. You can go anything from a $100 basic black walnut stock, to a $1000 aluminum bedded chassis, or a carbon fiber stock that is virtually crush proof but will set you back anywhere $750-950. You can unitize the gas system, get a TiN piston, and replace the pug-fugly FSGB (effective but atrociously obnoxious) with a 5/8×24 threaded system for different muzzle devices or suppression.

    Optics mounting: a common complaint is a generalized “these guns are impossible to mount a scope to!”

    They aren’t. You just have to get a proper mount. The Springfield Armory one is the absolute worst. But there’s another underlying issue. Say you dropped the coin on a proper Sadlak or Smith mount. Bomb-proof and absolutely perfectly cut to milspec.

    Springfield receivers are not milspec to the original M14 designs. They’re awfully close, but commercial spec is still commercial spec. So you will still run into massive frustrations and end up blaming the entire platform. The solution: buy a real M14. These use forged steel receivers cut to original military spec, not the cast commercial receivers Springfield imports from Canada and S. Korea (along with other parts), and that mount will drop right in. LRB Arms, Smith Enterprises, JRA, Wolff all do amazing M14 rifles. They cost more, but are worth it in the end IF you actually have an adoration for the entire line-up of these guns and enjoy modding, accurizing and improving them as a hobby. Like me.

    If you just want a fun, handy bush gun to blast away with .308 at watermelons or at paper on the range then the SOCOM will fit that bill in spades and you will have a lot of fun.

    And thus concludes my pile of opinionated rabble that no one asked for.

  4. McBufferML

    I do not think these are good rifles.

    However, I shoot 2-gun with a guy who brings his out every once in a while, and it puts $1600 worth of smile on that guy’s face even while he’s sucking ass trying to run it.

  5. OfficialHavik

    First cool? No way, get something else.


    Second cool? Shieeeeeeeeeet son. Send it!!!

  6. Bm7465

    With Sig 716i’s at around $1200-$1300, this really isn’t worth it unless you *have* to have a Springfield M1A.

  7. iwannasonicscrewyou

    If these could get cheaper I’d be all over it

  8. fyberoptyk

    Someday, someday I will see this and decide today is the day.

  9. TheStig111

    Pretty much every 308 battle rifle is better than these. And if you still want an M14, get a Bula Defense instead of Springfield. Forged and actually are the source for military parts/rifles.

  10. d3fc0n545

    I used to like these because they were very prominent in my state as an option but now think if I wanted an M14 platform I would get a fulton.

  11. RexBiggusDickus

    This or the DSA FAL?

  12. lost_your_fill

    I loved my EBR build, but just got so frustrated with the accuracy and grouping that I let it go and moved to an M110/SR25 clone, love the accuracy but man do I miss that boat anchor.

  13. AdotFlicker

    Man I want one so fucking bad.

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