[Rifle] SKS Type 56 $459 +S&H

[Rifle] SKS Type 56 $459 +S&H


[Rifle] SKS Type 56 $459 +S&H

24 reviews for [Rifle] SKS Type 56 $459 +S&H

  1. MajorLuiGaming

    Love the thumbnail lol

  2. Apolopolo99

    If you forget to clean this before firing it’ll shoot in ten round bursts

  3. lookatmeson

    “I bought mine straight from the factory in 1960 for $5. I will never buy at $x.” Where x is whatever the deal price. Don’t fall for it, I listened when wasr was less than $500.

  4. Vice_Admiral_Crunch

    considering the cheapest AKs now are pushing 1000, the SKS is looking mighty appealing again

  5. theekman

    Fair-good condition. Damn was hoping for slightly higher grading.

  6. ChampagnePlumper

    Credit Card has entered the danger zone


    $490 shipped to NY… wish I would have held out, paid $560 after taxes and shipping from PSA. I’m not too mad these SKS’ are awesome!

  8. victorconcepts

    What do you use to strip the cosmoline?

  9. yingling247

    Huck yeah I just bought me an SKS. 👍

    Also lmao at the thumb nail.

  10. NotTrying2TakeUrGuns

    Wonder if these are the same batch as PSA. PSA sure sounds a lot more optimistic than Atlantic about them if so, then again some of the PSA images are terrifying.

  11. Bcomplexity

    [get the spring firing pin here ](https://murraysguns.com/sks-firing-pins/)

  12. guantanamojoe134


  13. MismatchedBoobs

    Does it come with the little fellow in the picture or is he an aftermarket addition?

  14. wanttobeoceanside

    Motherfarker just bought a Canik this morning. Been looking for another decent priced Sks for a while. Got mine for $300 year and a half ago but during the shit show saw them up to $1200 on gunbroker. Help me obionegundeals your my only hope!! To send or not to have money. That is the question

  15. DrKDB

    For all your 7.62 x39 blasting needs.

  16. MetalZeppelin

    Hold! Maybe PSA will lower their price and then atlantic and vice versa. You know, how a free market and competition are supposed to work on overpriced commodities

  17. redline380

    I have one that has never been fired, my old man paid $80 for it in the early 90s. I’ve always thought about getting one to shoot but not for $460

  18. always_an_eagle

    For those that are saying to HODL, that might be true for ammo, but unfortunately for surplus, that is not the case. There are no new production SKS rifles and we can not get them straight from Russia or China like back in the old days. These SKS rifles have been sitting in Albania for 20 plus years hence why we are getting them now in the US. Not to mention any type of Executive order or legislation that could stop these imports in the future, I would say to buy now if you can. Already on Gunbroker, under completed auctions, one can find SKS rifles being sold already from $400 to $750 dollars

  19. _NiiNii_

    Should I buy this one or the PSA one for $500?

  20. aoanfletcher2002

    I remember being 10 and jumping on my Mormon neighbors trampoline with his 4 brothers and seeing his dad come home with 8 SKS rifles that he bought for $400 in 1993. I’ve never owned a SKS, but I always remember jumping on a trampoline by a creek when I see one, especially when I see one for 400 fucking dollars when I know they are worth at a maximum $50 in 1990 money.

  21. Dieabeto9142


  22. Schwanz_Hintern64

    A little steep for me now, but I’ll keep an eye on it. I wish so hard that I picked up thr ones they were selling for $300 last summer. Last time I’ll probably see them for that price

  23. Fl0wida

    $460 rifle + shipping + transfer when these cost around $300 at the start of 2020. Hold strong and prices come down 💪

  24. millencolin43

    I remember seeing these for 300 a year ago 😅 i dont feel bad paying 400 for a yugo with a 75 round drum now lol

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