[Rifle] Sig Sauer MCX Virtus Patrol Rifle 16″ Gray – $1999

[Rifle] Sig Sauer MCX Virtus Patrol Rifle 16″ Gray – $1999


[Rifle] Sig Sauer MCX Virtus Patrol Rifle 16″ Gray – $1999

19 reviews for [Rifle] Sig Sauer MCX Virtus Patrol Rifle 16″ Gray – $1999

  1. MURTEK3

    Let the “if only it was the 11.5” comments floweth

  2. InterestingCraft3

    Bet everyone commenting “11.5 or bust” won’t actually buy one when that 11.5 does pop up.

  3. irishgrad51

    OOS already

  4. JK-Forum_Loser

    Fuck me, OOS 😭

  5. Oliver_Closeof

    Anyone had any dealings with this site? That’s getting damn close to a price I’m willing to pay for one of these. Especially in the gray.

  6. Zerok800

    Love the new stock setup

  7. StuxnetKaos

    Aaand it’s gone

  8. shittygrammer

    11.5 or die

  9. cyclingfaction

    What makes this special?

  10. SgtRinzler

    One day I’ll have the money for this tier of gun stuff

  11. TheCrimsonChin-ger

    Bot oos

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  13. cjk1000000

    I’m just gonna buy a Canebrake and get a 5.56 barrel later.

  14. chital_shikari

    OoS already

    Not like I was gonna buy the heavy bitch, but lol

  15. gebsmith

    I have such a hankering for a grey AR… Must resist!

  16. Senior-Flight-7042

    I have the 11.5 virtus and it is freaking sweet, anyone holding out it’s definitely one sweet shooter, I also got the 9in 300 blk conversion kit and an 8in handguard. Even cycles subs with no can. Hopefully the prices continue to go back down. For the money it should come with a folding buffer tube adapter instead of the crap brace it comes with.

  17. moneypitfun

    Come on 9″ 300blk and a good price point!

  18. mrwallstreetbets96

    This is $500 less than I bought mine like 6 months ago. RIP

  19. PandaCatGunner

    I think I’m finna pick this up over a galil ace 5.56 first when I get the dough, I randomly got this bug about wanting a Virtus

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