[Rifle] Sig M400 Tread $799

[Rifle] Sig M400 Tread $799


[Rifle] Sig M400 Tread $799

15 reviews for [Rifle] Sig M400 Tread $799

  1. robbinh00d

    Remember when these were going for 1100 during the pandemic 🥵

  2. DobermanCavalry

    Why do they insist on keeping this dumb fucking handguard on there.

  3. panda1876

    Nature is healing. Life…finds a way

  4. austyn_lincoln

    Sad I was dumb enough to pay $1,100 for this gun 🥲

  5. MisterMasterCylinder

    Yo Sig, let’s start selling some stripped M400 lowers again, eh?

  6. NyJosh

    Joebob’s is legit. Buy with confidence.

  7. victorconcepts

    Good price I love this gun definitely my favorite AR for the money

  8. CmdrSelfEvident

    These are great rifles. Looks like a great price given the recent insanity.

  9. Environmental_Tie_66

    I have been waiting for this to be in stock. Great price $799 shipped + $20 FFL, had to jump on this deal. Thank you Op!!

  10. gumby36psi

    Nature is healing brotha

  11. Exotli8

    This or an Ruger MPR 16″?

  12. MathiusShade

    This or a Ruger MPR?

  13. Ok_Understanding1612

    Took me a while to get over the weird rail and branding, but underneath it’s a great rifle: ss barrel and 1:8 twist are what sold me.

  14. SwitchNut

    These are coming up more frequently…a couple days back there was a post for this at $769 and it was up for hooooouuuurss.

  15. SwitchNut

    Another note, found you can order this rifle with a coupon code of “THANKYOU” for 5% off if you are military, Veteran, law enforcement or EMS…sooo take $40 off? Also checkout gives an optio. Of adding the tread BUS iron sights for $99 which id reason comes with the proprietary adapter for mounting height….I haven’t done much shopping on these but I think thats about $20-30 cheaper than what I was seeing some months back and youd get $5 off them aswell….checkout for me showed no tax and free shipping so its a solid deal for someone wanting this rifle. I was going to buy a cheap one and then all the parts to make it into a coil variant (essentially) but decided ill just wait and buy the tread coil for $999 when its available again…ive seen it twice, missed it twice lol

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