[rifle] Savage 110 switchback 308 $499.99 (other calibers also available

[rifle] Savage 110 switchback 308 $499.99 (other calibers also available


[rifle] Savage 110 switchback 308 $499.99 (other calibers also available

9 reviews for [rifle] Savage 110 switchback 308 $499.99 (other calibers also available

  1. DJ-Clumsy

    Been eyeing the Bergera HMR in 6.5 but it’s basically double the price of this. Does this 110 compare?

  2. silverdew125

    Why should I get this instead of the savage 110 .308 with accutrigger & vortex scope for $540 at Walmart?

    Genuine question I don’t know alot about bolt guns

  3. Tardviking

    best price I’ve seen on a 110 for a min

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  5. superkuper

    Within the 110 are there differences in quality between the sub-models?

  6. FDE3030

    It seems that most manufacturers default to a longer barrel for 6.5cm over 308 for the same model. Why would I want less inches on a 308?

  7. Chago04

    Is there still a rebate going on for the 110s or is it on the Axis models now? They basically just rotate between the two every quarter.

  8. Rjsmith5

    I’ve been eyeing these at my local store, but the only review I’ve found on these has stated that they couldn’t get any decent groups out of it. Anyone have one?

    Also, FYI – this gun is apparently Sportsman’s Warehouse’s exclusive gun.

  9. EastwoodRavine85

    The stock is light because it is cheap, it’s their normal one with a paint job. It’s a light rifle and this barreled action has a nice spec, but you get a fixed comb and the adjustable pad spacers are cheap, clackety plastic. Good buttpad, and the 110 definitely smooths out with usage, stock is worth about $100 itself.

    The Savage 10 is the one to look for, those have a backbone molded into to the stock so the action is way more solid, the stocks go for about $250 online but you can find deals. You can also buy bottom-metal which converts it to AICS. I’ve resigned myself to having a cheapish, built 110 for general/hunting and will get around to a second rifle to nerd out on.

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