[Rifle] Ruger Precision Rimfire 22LR Layaway No Tax – $459

[Rifle] Ruger Precision Rimfire 22LR Layaway No Tax – $459


[Rifle] Ruger Precision Rimfire 22LR Layaway No Tax – $459

12 reviews for [Rifle] Ruger Precision Rimfire 22LR Layaway No Tax – $459

  1. wowthatsucked

    Ruger specs, details and better photos at https://ruger.com/products/precisionRimfire/specSheets/8400.html

  2. Ev3d11

    I love mine. I use it to train because 6.5 creedmoor is too expensive right now and I don’t have enough space to get a reloading rig. Use the bx-1 magazine for the best accuracy.

  3. bubblewhip

    I’m always split between this, a CZ 457 Varmint and T1X. I love the way this looks and feels, want to run NRL 22 base class. Ergonomically it feels excellent and I actually really like the long stroke bolt option of it to make it feel like a center fire. Though every expert just tells me to get a T1X or CZ 457 because this gun isn’t accurate enough or has the potential of the other two.

  4. IrregularMango

    I need a takedown 10/22 bad

  5. skorpion216

    Can these take those 110rd drums for 10/22’s?

  6. ShitBot404

    I want one.

  7. MrzBubblezZ

    i nabbed mine for $350 before covid

  8. Neoliberal_Boogeyman

    I’m really curious if aftermarket handguards will allow the use of iron sights on this. there is a 0moa rail option and there are full-length top rails for handguards available. if anyone has tried this let me know, i’d like a bolt action trainer

  9. rollpi

    Wow thats ugly

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  11. tubadude2

    I love mine. My PRS and F class rifles haven’t really been out for a year or two, so this one gets a lot of use to keep things fresh. I just picked up a Q El Camino to live on it because I got tired of swapping my other .22 can around.

  12. thejohnfist

    I almost picked one of these up, but decided on an American Rimfire instead. Subs+Supp with it, no issues hitting silhouette target at 100+ yards.

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