[Rifle] Ruger Mini-14 Ranch .223/5.56 5801 – $899.99

[Rifle] Ruger Mini-14 Ranch .223/5.56 5801 – $899.99


[Rifle] Ruger Mini-14 Ranch .223/5.56 5801 – $899.99

23 reviews for [Rifle] Ruger Mini-14 Ranch .223/5.56 5801 – $899.99

  1. Dumb_Ish69

    Serious question: how easy would it be to modify this for A-Team LARPing?

  2. tragicj0hns0n

    I always planned to buy a Mini-14 sooner or later, but now that I already own multiple 5.56 rifles I think I’m just going to double-down money wise and buy a Springfield M1A. A lot more **boom**, and it’s a kickass gun

  3. TheCafeRacer

    wood = not assault

  4. Ramblnwreck45

    This thing would be cool to have <$400

  5. TheStatusPoe

    Kinda regret selling mine. Was a stupid fun gun to shoot. Would rather shoot it than several of my ARs. Might need to pick another one up eventually

  6. Lego1199

    I got mine for around $800 last summer, it’s a super fun gun, has no problem with steel case, mounted my optic well with the rings it came with. Fun gun, I do think $900 is a bit steep, but I certainly like mine. I will say, finding 20+ factory mags is hard, but 300 blk mags work flawlessly, (I was gifted one by accident) so I just use those now.

  7. GjoniGjoni28

    I don’t get why these are so much more than ARs, I mean maybe less are being produced obviously?

  8. Direct-Ad-7330

    The only thing stopping me from buying this are the magazines.

  9. NewToHeists007

    This is good because less assaulty than Assault Rifle 15

  10. theLastPBR

    I miss when Walmart use to sell these…

  11. KeithJamesB

    Are they shipping to FFLs? A while back they said they were only doing in store transfers.

  12. M6D_Magnum

    I’d buy a Mini 14 if it took AR15 mags. I would absolutely buy a Mini-30 if it took AK mags.

  13. jy856905

    550 for.one i picked up at a gun show and sold i 2018 and I hate myself. Thing chewed up steel wolf/tulammo like a champ

  14. jbeebe67

    A few years ago the Paris Police Department decided to go with the Mini-14 over the AR14 because in studies people were less scared of the Mini-14

  15. Johnnyb469

    Are these any good suppressed?? I went through the mini forums a few weeks ago trying to find the answer, but I didn’t see a whole lot about it

    ETA – not necessarily this one in particular, but the ones that come with a threaded barrel.

  16. waratworld17

    I wish Ruger would bring back those ornate fully adjustable M1 Garand/ M14 style rear sights.

  17. bitcuration

    Reminds me the bloody FBI shootout [https://youtu.be/WUHLEAVYe5E?t=2296](https://youtu.be/WUHLEAVYe5E?t=2296)

    Apparently there used to be a bigger mag available somewhere.

    Despite the look, it’s nothing less evil than the “assult” 15.

  18. OriginalHeron8160

    Bought one of these as soon as I turned 18 from a pawn shop back in 2002. Came with Stainless folding stock for $350. It’s a decent little gun but not close to a grand after shipping, tax, ffl, etc.

  19. NYG_5

    Woulda reported you for extremism if you posted a…. black…. one with a flash hider that makes you…. invisible….

  20. Gravygrabbr

    Overpriced for what they are. Not as accurate as an AR, can’t shoot steel through them, proprietary magazines that are harder to find. At $400-500 ok but at AR prices no thanks

  21. castanza128

    There’s a $500 ar-15 right above this post.

  22. WrathofRagnar

    Used to be 300 😢

  23. DebbsWasRight

    The SKS of the West.

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