[RIFLE] Ruger Mini-14 LE Trade Ins – $795.99 + Free Shipping

[RIFLE] Ruger Mini-14 LE Trade Ins – $795.99 + Free Shipping


[RIFLE] Ruger Mini-14 LE Trade Ins – $795.99 + Free Shipping

20 reviews for [RIFLE] Ruger Mini-14 LE Trade Ins – $795.99 + Free Shipping

  1. jaybee1669

    Kind of want just so i can put the folder on it and live out my A-Team fantasies about dumping a mag at my enemies and only hitting barrels that explode for some reason and send them flying.

  2. FinderOfE

    Guns.com, I’ll give you $500, and that’s because I’m feeling generous.

  3. Porky_Robinson

    Really want one of these but they feel about $200 too expensive imo

  4. MURTEK3

    Guns.com are rapists. Never forget COVID.

  5. LotionOfMotion

    If these are like any other LE Trade in then they’re beaten like their wives and just as functional.

    $500, no more.

  6. Ev3d11

    Why was I never informed about the data breach you had last January?

  7. waratworld17

    I’m not sure I trust a seccond hand stainless steel barrel, especially for that price.

  8. TheStig111

    Solid chance these are from before the accuracy redesign.

  9. ontheshore711

    Every post I see on a mini 14 is unanimous in that they’re always too expensive, so I’m not sure who keeps buying them at these prices to make them stay like this, but they don’t seem to be here

  10. BrewTuna

    In @ $500

  11. awesome_jackob123

    I’ve been in a mood for a non AR rifle the past few weeks. You people need to stop, not for me, but for my wallet.

  12. SnooMemesjellies4305

    Lots of folks can appreciate both AR’s and Mini-14’s… but there’s always a few AR fans who don’t quite get what is special about Mini-14’s…

    I’m guessing some of those are spec-shoppers…

  13. Saynation

    I read from a PD standard-issue perspective that mini-14 rifles were a straight up nightmare compared to a department issue AR15.

    Tread Carefully


  14. salemlakes

    the only answer for this is the Morita. federal service guarantees citizenship! would you like to more?

  15. punchincattle

    All of y’all can bitch about the price like always when this is posted , but I’ve had my mini14 for 12 years and the thing is a tank. Always beat to death in my ranch truck dirty as fuck and runs flawless. It’s definitely my workhorse when it comes to shooting hogs/coyotes.

  16. bullet_magnet_

    A-Team vibes…

  17. uscmarine

    These sucked it jammed like mf. Sent it back to Ruger but had same issue upon return. Sold it in a heartbeat and got AR

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  19. Lawmonkey14

    Am I missing something? If you click on the link they have one listed for the same price with the flash hider on it, meaning it is likely a mini-14 tactical, not ranch, and the tactical go for around $1,200 new. Wouldn’t that be a steal at $800?

  20. pbsolaris

    I’d do 700$ for wood

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