[Rifle] RUGER AR-556 MPR 556 18″ BLK 30RD – $744.12

[Rifle] RUGER AR-556 MPR 556 18″ BLK 30RD – $744.12


[Rifle] RUGER AR-556 MPR 556 18″ BLK 30RD – $744.12

13 reviews for [Rifle] RUGER AR-556 MPR 556 18″ BLK 30RD – $744.12

  1. Chez92

    Where’s the copy pasta guy?

  2. YooserNahme

    My wife’s boyfriend has used this rifle for a while now, he said it’s a great starter rifle packed with lots of features and multiple purposes.

  3. takkingheads

    Compared to other entry-level ARs on the market, you’re still coming out way ahead here with all the upgrades this thing is packing. In fact, this is more a mid-tier piece at an entry-level price.

    18” cold hammer-forged barrel w/5R rifling: $200

    Ruger’s Elite 452 two-stage trigger: $140

    Low-profile gas block : $10

    15-inch free-float handguard: $70

    Magpul MOE SL stock: $50

    Magpul MOE grip: $15

    About $500 in upgrades over standard entry-level.

    You will be collecting parts for a year at dirt-bottom prices trying to build & beat this package. Pricing under $800 makes this a great deal.

  4. Mr_Teasdale

    I have the 18 inch MPR and the 16 inch MPR.

    The 16 is a little different in that it has a section of rail removed from the handguard, ambi safety, and slightly different buttstock and grip.

    Both rifles are absolutely good to go. The only issue I have ever had was that the 18incher sometimes, after a shit load of rounds wil get a stuck case of tula. Not sure if it’s the case or the chamber. So I just squirt a bunch of hoppes in the chamber every few mags during a long training session and it’s no longer an issue.

    These are awesome guns and I highly recommend both.

  5. driver461


  6. comeoutandpla

    OGMPR…is there a purpose it can’t multi

  7. NyJosh

    This is worth $744 because it has MULTIPLE purposes, not just one purpose like lesser rifles.

  8. Bamomotron

    I have a ruger 556 and I don’t have any complaints yet.

  9. jabar-17

    Anyone bought from them?

  10. Senditduud

    Man I’m truly torn between this and a M70 for my next rifle.

    East vs West
    7.62 vs 5.56
    Multiple porpoises vs the bulge

  11. ThePeoplesResistance

    Got this gun for $630 before shipping last week

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