[Rifle] Ruger American Ranch Rifle 7.62×39, 16” barrel. $510, $9.99 flat rate shipping.

[Rifle] Ruger American Ranch Rifle 7.62×39, 16” barrel. $510, $9.99 flat rate shipping.


[Rifle] Ruger American Ranch Rifle 7.62×39, 16” barrel. $510, $9.99 flat rate shipping.

16 reviews for [Rifle] Ruger American Ranch Rifle 7.62×39, 16” barrel. $510, $9.99 flat rate shipping.

  1. nalimus

    Genuine question; why are these like the holy grail of the ruger American rifles?

  2. ginjaninja3223

    Saw one of these at Coastal Farm and Ranch today for this price and had to like physically restrain myself from buying it

  3. 100hphd

    This last batch of x39 Americans seems bigger than the previous batches over the last few months. Hopefully ruger is finally figures it out and slows down production of 350 legend/450 bm and starts running more 5.56, x39, 300bo American ranches. Every shop around has racks full of the 350/450 and no one seems to want them, but the 5.56, x39, 300bo seem to sell out instantly whenever they’re in stock anywhere. But yet ruger keeps pushing the 350/450, the last gun show I went to everyone had them priced way cheaper than the 14 minutes in stock x39 on here the other day.

    Just my observation.

  4. Aerofirefighter

    I am never going to own this rifle

  5. iankeichi

    Anyone heard of this site before? I see nothing about them on r/gundealsfu.

  6. perfektad

    Missed it again.

  7. philipokmolotok

    I really wanted one of these when ak ammo prices spiked as a way to make my stash last

  8. ZombieJewce


  9. MrMrBigBig

    Only thing that stops me is knowing I have to buy glass, too. If I’m going through the trouble of setting up a bolt gun, might as well get something a little longer range.

  10. Foliage1

    Bought one if these for 525 otd when they first came out in 2018. One of my favorite guns I own, especially with a 20 round mini thirty mag. Have a vortex 2-7 on it and it’s a super fun gun that loves steel.

  11. timefan

    Will I ever own one of these? It’s always out of stock.

  12. TheChiRho

    So tempting

  13. pwilks52

    I have one of these, ask me anything

  14. ScrodoSackins

    Do they make wood stocks for these? I hate the polymer – just personal preference.

  15. steriogramzebra

    For anyone debating getting this, DO IT. Hands down the most fun rifle. It’s accurate light and just a fun plinking or hunting rifle. I’ve taken many deer and hogs with mine, the 7.62×39 within 150 yards is a great cartridge. Paired with a suppressor and a light weight scope you have a killer set up.

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