[Rifle] Ruger American .308 Win. 22″ – $399.99

[Rifle] Ruger American .308 Win. 22″ – $399.99


[Rifle] Ruger American .308 Win. 22″ – $399.99

7 reviews for [Rifle] Ruger American .308 Win. 22″ – $399.99

  1. ackaf0o

    On the hunt for one in 22LR

  2. 0sgilioth

    Pretty decent rifle! I was getting sub-moa with match ammo consistently. Took an elk with it last year! Although I wish I had gotten the predator version of this rifle

  3. HODLandFLOW

    How is this on price. I have not been tracking prices on 308’s but this gun got good reviews on Academy website


    They don’t ship to other FFLs?

  5. Itchy_Promotion4336

    There’s a $10.95 ship-to-store fee + taxes.

  6. whiskey_outpost26

    What’s the better magazine setup? Flush rotary or box?

  7. BananaBen

    Pawn shop near me has these for 649$ lol

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