[Rifle] RUGER AMER RNCH 300BLK 16.1″ 10RD AR $477 + Shipping

[Rifle] RUGER AMER RNCH 300BLK 16.1″ 10RD AR $477 + Shipping


[Rifle] RUGER AMER RNCH 300BLK 16.1″ 10RD AR $477 + Shipping

9 reviews for [Rifle] RUGER AMER RNCH 300BLK 16.1″ 10RD AR $477 + Shipping

  1. Stubeezy

    Someone please tag me if a 7.62 drops again !

  2. Cabshank

    Great gun, took my deer with it this fall. 190gr subsonic with DA Nomad L silencer

  3. BenderVsGossamer

    r/NFA is saying that these with a can are scary quiet.

  4. darkcity9620

    Guess I missed it. Already sold.

  5. lazyp3ngu1n

    OOS damn…


    How is the aftermarket for these? Kinda want one

  7. anonymousnobody14

    Anyone see another one of these for sale?

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  9. cdillon42

    what mags do these take?

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