[Rifle] Rossi 22LR’s for $99.99

[Rifle] Rossi 22LR’s for $99.99


[Rifle] Rossi 22LR’s for $99.99

12 reviews for [Rifle] Rossi 22LR’s for $99.99

  1. ginjaninja3223

    Damn, too bad this is considered a dangerous assault weapon in Washington and subject to a 10-day waiting period, additional transfer fees, required training classes, and forfeiture of medical records to the state patrol

  2. DUXZ

    sold out within 30 minutes you savages with your christmas money

  3. SeattleCZ

    Solid basic 22LR rifle. I used to have one. Haven’t seen these slip below $110 since COVID began.

    ~~Also available in ODG:~~ [~~https://www.208gunshop.com/rossi/rossi-rs22-22-lr-10-1-18-od-green-monte-carlo-stock-921378~~](https://www.208gunshop.com/rossi/rossi-rs22-22-lr-10-1-18-od-green-monte-carlo-stock-921378) Sold out 🙁

    ~~And the Mossberg 702 which is the same gun is available at the same price as well:~~ [~~https://www.208gunshop.com/mossberg-sons-inc/mossberg-702-plinkster-22lr-bl-syn-18-919620~~](https://www.208gunshop.com/mossberg-sons-inc/mossberg-702-plinkster-22lr-bl-syn-18-919620) Sold out 🙁

  4. Ryframe

    This the new pew currency metric. (RIP Hi Point)

  5. Psychological-Drive4

    This, or hold out for a 10/22?

  6. Uconn99041114

    Great deal. I love shopping with these guys, small outfit – very friendly. They have some terrific deals. I got a ruger American compact in 7mm-08 on Black Friday for $300 even.

    Happy to support them and I encourage everyone else to as well.

  7. BrambleVale3

    Pfft! I just impulse bought the shit out of one of these, wish I had got the Mossberg before it sold out though.

  8. gunnutzz467

    These come threaded?

  9. SeattleCZ

    Bot oos

  10. AlchemicalToad

    I picked up one of these last year on a special sale at Sportsman’s Warehouse for $79. It’s a little… rougher than a 10/22, but for ~$100ish it’s a no brainer.

  11. arsewarts1

    Damn I wanted to buy this for me nephew. He just turned 8 and is taking hunters Ed soon.

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