[Rifle] RADIAN RIFLE MDL 1 .223 WYLDE 14.5′ 30RD M-LOK BLACK -$2448.55

[Rifle] RADIAN RIFLE MDL 1 .223 WYLDE 14.5′ 30RD M-LOK BLACK -$2448.55


[Rifle] RADIAN RIFLE MDL 1 .223 WYLDE 14.5′ 30RD M-LOK BLACK -$2448.55

19 reviews for [Rifle] RADIAN RIFLE MDL 1 .223 WYLDE 14.5′ 30RD M-LOK BLACK -$2448.55

  1. GodKronos

    >14.5 foot barrel

    I know barrel length is improves ballistics but this is just getting out of hand!

  2. Sgt_Sodomy

    according to the site, its marked down from 3000$


    boy they really love pulling numbers out of their … ammo can

  3. YooserNahme

    Radian marketing has really worked. Yes they’re machining is beautiful but these prices are wild.

  4. hack-a-shaq

    Fuck it, I’ll take another one.

  5. Savings_Ad_7209

    11.45 pounds damn! And that’s without anything on it

    The specs are probably wrong…

  6. shifty_eyed_potato

    Cheaper at Dahlonega Armory for $2359.37, but I didn’t check shipping or tax charges.

    [Click Here](https://dahlonegaarmory.com/product/radian-rifle-mdl-1-.223-wylde-14.5-30rd-m-lok-black#product_detail)

  7. brbaca

    I paid the same in October and am still waiting. This is a good deal if you don’t mind a pin and welded muzzle device.

    Edit: November

  8. wolfandspider

    Glad to see these down a few hundred $.

    Still too spendy, imo, for what you’re getting, but the closer the price creeps to $2k the less ridiculous Radian fanatics seem.

  9. laskmich

    Not for poorz

  10. hack-a-shaq

    u/RAD_Zac can you confirm the muzzle device on these is the Dead Air flash hider?

  11. Various_Primary3783

    This is a great price. I paid $2630 out the door a few months back and was on cloud 9. This appears to not have the new radian trigger however. Like others said radian are selling these for $2999 on their site now, and you are waiting over 10 months.

  12. hammerdown10k

    “Gucci gun, gucci gun, gucci gun…”

  13. ZChaosFactor

    I dont know whats more idiotic the people on here calling radian over priced or the people who pay 1,800 for a complete knights upper or $500 for a Lmt E bolt.

  14. gkjhgkjh

    I heard their barrel is kinda in awkward position for the price range. Is that true?

  15. Brehmes

    Does it come with a half-full mag too?

  16. catfapper

    Fuck this store. Called around just for them to jerk me around on an mp5 and then end up selling it on gunbroker saying they never got any.

  17. RedRanger_SLC

    Bot OOS

  18. AppleJelly2

    Wasn’t there just a LWRCI posted for 1350$? Seems like that’s a better deal lol. Idk where the hype on these rifles came from

  19. Sh00tYourEyeOut

    MAYBE this price for a camo model

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