[Rifle] Radian Mod 1 16in .223 Wylde Radian Grey Colorway $2878 plus shipping and tax to IL

[Rifle] Radian Mod 1 16in .223 Wylde Radian Grey Colorway $2878 plus shipping and tax to IL


[Rifle] Radian Mod 1 16in .223 Wylde Radian Grey Colorway $2878 plus shipping and tax to IL

13 reviews for [Rifle] Radian Mod 1 16in .223 Wylde Radian Grey Colorway $2878 plus shipping and tax to IL

  1. Various_Primary3783

    Insert KAC / LMT comparisons and how much better they are below. All kidding aside, I saw the 14.5 brown version of this on here the other day for the same price and it sold out quickly. After tax it was over $3100+ so I passed. Especially since I’ve never shot or even held one in person. I was furious that I passed on it. Fast forward a couple days later my LGS had the exact 14.5in one on the wall. Out the door was $2670ish. Now, I have never held or shot a KAC or LMT but I can tell you that this rifle is something special. I like it better than my ADM (and I love my ADM).

    This is a steep price, but its in stock and ordering through Radian direct rn is about a year wait. Plus Radian is now charging $2999+, which obviously has jumped up in price. I figure maybe one or 2 ppl would appreciate this post out of the 325k members!

  2. Z_0_Sick

    I love my radian the thing absolutely fucks it is definitely on par with my LMT

  3. ihavefat

    Nice find OP. The picture looks like it has the Radian Vertex trigger as well, which is made in house now in collaboration with Timney

  4. Cpafail

    Am I seeing this right, $3k for a DI AR-15? 🤡

  5. danklelock

    Is this the new radian grey or the old one? I remember they said earlier this year the radian grey will change

  6. p_tothe2nd

    u/RAD_zac are they ever going to make a CA compliant one so those behind enemy lines can buy an entire rifle?

  7. YooserNahme

    I’d rather build something tits magee for $3k. That being said, this is one sexy rifle and I love all my Radian parts.

  8. Sh00tYourEyeOut

    Builders kit is 1030 (comes with safety and CH)

    Barrel 300

    MD 150

    Block & Tube 75

    BCG 200

    LPK 75

    Trigger 100

    Stock/Grip 100

    Tube/Buffer/Weight/Plate 150

    That’s $2200.

    This thing is a rip off – even if you believe the builders kit is worth $1030

  9. Rebelwithacause73

    I know nothing about this rifle but I’m curious to hear what makes it worth this kinda price? I mean there are lots and lots of AR15’s between 800-2000 bucks. This one that much better?

  10. hack-a-shaq

    Thanks OP, I know people are trashing but I love radian rifles. In for 1.

  11. GrantLucke

    These comments about this being a ripoff considering the build kits are pretty fucking retarded lol. You’re paying for a PREMIUM BUILT top tier rifle that isn’t built by bubba (you) with a scratched receiver because your punch slipped. A premium rifle built by professionals will all but guarantee perfect gas block/tube alignment, torque spec, gassing, headspace matching, and staking.

    I’m not saying these are particularly difficult tasks by themselves, but it’s not unreasonable to expect a $300+ premium for professional service.

  12. PlzNotThePupper

    Anyone who pays this much for an “optics ready” AR is a fucking retard, CMV

  13. Tyrannosaurus_Dex

    For this kind of money, I’d rather have the DD DDM4ISR.

    Two different use rifles, I know, but if you’re gonna drop major coin on a rifle, at least that one comes integrally suppressed.

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