[Rifle] Q The FIX .308 Rifle – $2999

[Rifle] Q The FIX .308 Rifle – $2999


[Rifle] Q The FIX .308 Rifle – $2999

9 reviews for [Rifle] Q The FIX .308 Rifle – $2999

  1. N20Joe

    As a person who really loves Q products, that’s a no from me dawg.

    I just struggle to find where this gun fits.

  2. TacomaGlock

    I like my Sig Cross a lot, I can’t imagine paying 3k for a tactical hunting rifle. Maybe it’s more accurate… but $1500 buys a lot of ammo and range time.

    Edit: Glass then ammo.

  3. LuckyBuilder69

    Really nice looking gun, but with chassis systems like MTD and others have out there, I just don’t see how this is worth $3k.

  4. Neoliberal_Boogeyman

    oh, a scout rifle with the bells and whistles i’d want it to have, but the price twice that I am willing to pay for it.

  5. iLuvstockglocksights


  6. prudiisten

    Oh look its Kevin Brittinghams overpriced Merkel Kr1 knock off.

  7. AutumnShade44

    Yeah, I’ll still stick with the RPR.

    Also obligatory fuck Q

  8. jmh9301

    .308 BLK is what it says in the description. If that’s the case you may have a really hard time finding ammo.

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