[Rifle] PWS MK116 Pro Rifle 223 Wlyde – $1249 (email for best price)

[Rifle] PWS MK116 Pro Rifle 223 Wlyde – $1249 (email for best price)


[Rifle] PWS MK116 Pro Rifle 223 Wlyde – $1249 (email for best price)

8 reviews for [Rifle] PWS MK116 Pro Rifle 223 Wlyde – $1249 (email for best price)

  1. IdyllicArcadia

    As a data point, these went for 1050 about a year and a half ago. So if you were looking for these, snap them up because PWS Pro stuff are relatively infrequent. But otherwise, if you can, wait.

  2. Apolopolo99

    Idk if this is common knowledge but PWS are actually the ones who made the BRN180s, not brownells, at least it took me a long time to learn that even though Ive had a brn180

  3. Hellagen

    i had some issues paring my PWS pro upper with a basic aero ar lower. PWS was nice on the phone and let me send in my lower and upper to by checked for compatibility issues, but their lead times on warranty’s are 1-2 months rn. just thought id throw that out there.

  4. sellurpickles

    I have this rifle and it’s high mileage. It’s flawless. I do wish I got a 14.5 pw instead of the 16, but that has no bearing on what a fantastic rifle this is.

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  6. SugarloafRedEyes

    What’s the advantage of Wylde vs 5.56?

  7. Upierzci

    At this price you’re honestly bette off buying a BCM upper and an aero lower. You’ll have a better gun for a similar price.

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