[Rifle] PTR GI Railless and Green Furniture .308/7.62×51 Rifle $1021

[Rifle] PTR GI Railless and Green Furniture .308/7.62×51 Rifle $1021


[Rifle] PTR GI Railless and Green Furniture .308/7.62×51 Rifle $1021

28 reviews for [Rifle] PTR GI Railless and Green Furniture .308/7.62×51 Rifle $1021

  1. Tuco86x

    If I could only get some cheap russian steel case to go w it


    Looks like all the PTR’s are on sale.

  3. ComradeHX

    Imo best version; if you want uber tactical racer gun in 308, you wouldn’t pick a G3 anyway.

  4. LucaBrasi_1117

    i just wish the triangle green handguards were still around

  5. Thrashgasm9ho7

    In for one for the CoD4 memories. Why not, only the fourth gun this week 😬

  6. Ok_Understanding1612

    Win. This gun is all about the irons anyway.

  7. 62rambler

    Will the PTR-100 accept surplus wood furniture?

  8. crystal-rooster

    Just saw one of these at my LGS Wednesday for $1750. Glad I waited.

  9. Smok-_-em

    Does anyone know the difference between the PTR -91 and the PTR-100 series?

  10. Apolopolo99

    Great rifle, good deal but only if you don’t plan on mounting optics, claw mounts are expensive and worse than welded pic rail

  11. Fun_Management2589

    Good stuff! I missed the last sale on the CETMEs. In for one! Can’t wait to cosplay.

  12. DrKDB


  13. EddieMcClintock

    So why are these so much less expensive than the 9mm PTRs? Seems like this is more… I dunno, *gun* than the Mp5 clone.

  14. BerniceFighter

    Very nice!

  15. LetsGatitOn

    On very rare occasions like this I am okay with living in a ban state. I would have zero savings if I could buy guns like this.

  16. czpz007

    SHTF battle gun? 10-15 lbs with gear … you may need a scooter

  17. jabba_the_sloot

    the “HK” slap on this is so much fun.

  18. WiseDirt

    G3 at home

  19. steveHangar1

    This with a wide hand guard and nos bipod👌🏻

  20. PandaCatGunner

    Seems like a cool/fun apocalypse rifle, albeit I’d prefer railed.

    If I owned a bunker I’d stash these in it lol

  21. my72dart

    Does anyone know if PTR uses the fluted chamber that wrecks the brass?

  22. InfiniteWalrus09

    Get the rail, don’t be dumb.

  23. Chimeran_Horde

    God this thing looks cool. I love the silhouettes of these big old battle rifles. Unfortunately it’s not enough for me to pull the trigger on… yet.

  24. theatfshotmycats

    Need that ptr in 7.62×39

  25. DontBelieveTheirHype

    Idk what happened with PTR battle rifles but I remember some years back they sold the 91 model for under $700 and I’m kicking myself for not grabbing one back then

  26. flyguy_mi

  27. DUXZ

    This or a zpap M70?

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