[Rifle] OHIO ORDNANCE WORKS M240-SLR 7.62 X 51 20″ BARREL BELT-FED $14,337

[Rifle] OHIO ORDNANCE WORKS M240-SLR 7.62 X 51 20″ BARREL BELT-FED $14,337


[Rifle] OHIO ORDNANCE WORKS M240-SLR 7.62 X 51 20″ BARREL BELT-FED $14,337

28 reviews for [Rifle] OHIO ORDNANCE WORKS M240-SLR 7.62 X 51 20″ BARREL BELT-FED $14,337

  1. dont_trust_kinderEGG

    Holding out for the 10″ barrel with a brace.

  2. SirRolex

    My neighbor was wondering what the process to make this go BRRRRRR is. Theoretically of course.

  3. EggyMean

    does this take glock mags

    shipping kills the deal

    what’s the best holster for this

    perfect, my new daily carry

    There, I took all the jokes.

  4. Jman1400

    Soooo, are we getting another stimulus?

  5. Speedhabit

    Ok so this is dangerously close to

    -get ffl

    -pay sot

    -buy full auto parts kit

    -assemble posti sammich

    I think you can do that and have a legal belt fed full auto for less then 15k and it will like…work

  6. 420burneraccounts69

    No shipping to California though. My credit card sighed in relief 😮‍💨

  7. Bearking485

    Lol now I just need my credit limit to be raised a few times. And an extra kidney.

  8. falsruletheworld

    This is impractical.
    I need to save my 308 ammo till the prices come down
    This is heavy
    I could buy six other rifles that I really want
    Linking ammo takes too much time
    I told her I’m not spending anymore money

    What else by god what else?

  9. Joey_Brakishwater

    So do people post stuff like this as a joke or are you actually shopping for this and I’m just poor?

  10. ja00217

    Add to cart.

  11. Tuco86x

    11 in stock

  12. magic8balI

    This and a rare breed trigger. 🙂

  13. Puzzled-Computer158

    That one guy who drives a bobbed deuce to work everyday is probably thinking about buying this for home defense.

  14. Godsownsin

    Good thing there is 11 in stock. Might of sold out too fast

  15. slamed123

    Is there a 22 conversion kit for this?

  16. 420Phase_It_Up

    Just curious, but what does the US Military pat for a new M240? I get that it’s not really fair to compare that cost to this price because of economies of scale but I’m just curious.

  17. my72dart

    It doesn’t take the same links as my M1919A4 and for that reason I’m out.

  18. grahamcrackerninja

    If you’re paying almost $15000 for semi-auto you are retarded

  19. addmaster

    Come and take it!!!

  20. jacoblb6173

    No shipping to MD. And for that, I’m out.

  21. Chanologist

    So jelly, would love to take a crack at this kinda action

  22. Th3KrAk3n

    Buy a brass hammer for $14,337 and get a M240-SLR for free plus shipping and handling!

  23. MikhailBarracuda91

    OOW is legit.

  24. spookiest-goon

    Hey look it’s the guys who sell BARs for only 5k

  25. buckeye269

    I used to be involved with this company and can say that these guns are top notch. Their manufacturing standards blew me away and their service department was great too. Granted, I’m in no position to spend $14k on another gun, but hopefully this helps if someone is considering it.

  26. Adseg5

    For when the deer you’re hunting are indeed wearing full body armor and driving light armored technicals.

  27. Schwanz_Hintern64

    If I have some change left, maybe

  28. gloveman90

    Chump change

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