[Rifle] Ohio Ordnance M240-SLR 7.62 NATO 20″ w/ 2500 M13 Links – -$13,950.00 + $15 S/H(No tax to TX)

[Rifle] Ohio Ordnance M240-SLR 7.62 NATO 20″ w/ 2500 M13 Links – -$13,950.00 + $15 S/H(No tax to TX)


[Rifle] Ohio Ordnance M240-SLR 7.62 NATO 20″ w/ 2500 M13 Links – -$13,950.00 + $15 S/H(No tax to TX)

26 reviews for [Rifle] Ohio Ordnance M240-SLR 7.62 NATO 20″ w/ 2500 M13 Links – -$13,950.00 + $15 S/H(No tax to TX)

  1. TheKoloaSurfCompany

    The equivalent of sealing off 8 cylinders on a V12.

  2. Rjsmith5

    I know the joke is always “shipping kills it,” but you’d think they’d just throw it in when you’re buying a $14K gun…

  3. ForgeLT

    If only I could put an FRT trigger in this

  4. PiperFM

    That’s basically the price of a real transferable SMG

  5. Puzzleheaded_Sky9441

    Finally something for those damn squirrels in my backyard eating my tomatoes!

  6. Cocky_McBalls

    At this price, it should be full auto and ship with a pallet of ammo, whiskey, and a hooker

  7. Just_a_Guy_In_a_Tank

    So now we know the price of a real M240 if the NFA wasn’t a thing.

  8. Saynation

    For those curious: the last sale of a transferable full auto M240 was for $189,000 in 2018.

    13k is peanuts compared to a registered transferable. Not saying that’s the way it should be but it’s what the NFA has done to the machine gun market.

  9. Paulie771

    I almost convinced my wife when I told her it came with the links, but when I mentioned the shipping, she nixed the idea.

    She also said I had to get back in military shape and patrol the perimeter with it.

    So close.

  10. OutHereTrappin

    Shipping kills the deal.

  11. getoffmylastname

    Are these new?

  12. Turnedbackaround

    For a semi auto?

    No thanks.

  13. Micii

    Anyone know if they make a good aiwb holster for this

  14. zx10r_tomahawk

    I’ve put tens of thousands of rounds through the Lima variant over the last several years. Would really like to own the civilian model when I get out

  15. slamed123

    Haven’t seen this good of a deal since the US Afghanistan withdrawal

  16. creedbratt0n

    Ugh sales tax I’m out

  17. GoingToSAsoon

    This or a Glock 19?

  18. Phvntom708

    That $15 shipping and handling fee is what’s holding me back.

  19. NotoriousDVA

    I came, I SAW, I conquered

    Then I filed for bankruptcy and lost custody of my dog

  20. Bingo_9991

    S+H kills the deal on this one…

  21. drvantassel

    Only 500 for a 1 in 31 chance to win

  22. FtBraggSwag

    I am not paying that much for shipping and handling, what a rip off.

  23. dmar4455

    In for 2, dual wield or nothing.

  24. [deleted]


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  26. lurkiestoflurkers

    $15 shipping kills it

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