[Rifle] MarColMar Cetme-L Rifle – $1300

[Rifle] MarColMar Cetme-L Rifle – $1300


[Rifle] MarColMar Cetme-L Rifle – $1300

21 reviews for [Rifle] MarColMar Cetme-L Rifle – $1300

  1. jmh9301

    These rifles are awesome. Haven’t had a single failure with mine even though everyone talks about a break in period.

    If you’re looking for a rifle to be a top tier operator this isn’t for you. If you’re looking for something that’s fucking cool, well built, soft shooting, and different, you should get one of these.

  2. getoffmylastname

    For $50 more you can get whatever color you want from the manufacturer’s site.

  3. melaflander34

    I love this damn rifle so much. No, it’s not an AR, not modern controls, but damn if it isn’t something that just runs and runs.

  4. IdyllicArcadia

    I didn’t check for tax or shipping but haven’t seen one on sale so far on other store pages

  5. fourleggedpython

    This seems worth it more than building a cetme. I feel like it would end up costing more?

  6. CalicoJack195

    Vaguely reminds me of an STG. Looks cool wish I can get my hands on one and not be poor.

  7. ChampagnePlumper

    This or the new vhs-2?

  8. SeattleCZ

    I have a parts kit for one of these. Anyone happen to know if there’s anyone making receivers, or assembling these?

  9. NYG_5

    Used to be 1100

  10. cancerlad

    Shipping is $46

  11. levels_jerry_levels

    Fuck I got my Gen 2 L for $1100 and My Gen 2 LC for ~~$1200~~ $1800. Prices on these have gone up for sure.

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  13. CriticalBasedTheory

    What’s the story with these?

  14. tnneil

    Anyone know if this vendor charges sales tax?

  15. azamat-aerofakt

    Accidental giggle switch?

  16. hokieseas

    What the heck is the length of that butt stock? I am a bit on the smaller side and wonder how well I would be able to shoulder that and still shoot it comfortably.

  17. tubadude2

    Is there enough meat in the grip to file off that protrusion at the bottom? That’s my biggest gripe after getting hands on one of these, but I didn’t think to look at the time.

  18. USSZim

    Never heard of these before, but they look like a modernized STG44. Are they related?

  19. cycledogg1

    Are there any after market parts available for this?

  20. Appropriate-Barber66

    So tempting…

  21. Jackers83

    Pretty cool. I used it is Black Ops Cold War a bunch. I can attest to how sweet it is.

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