[Rifle] MARCOLMAR CETME-L 5.56X45 Rifle Black 16.1″ Barrel $1,299.95

[Rifle] MARCOLMAR CETME-L 5.56X45 Rifle Black 16.1″ Barrel $1,299.95


[Rifle] MARCOLMAR CETME-L 5.56X45 Rifle Black 16.1″ Barrel $1,299.95

16 reviews for [Rifle] MARCOLMAR CETME-L 5.56X45 Rifle Black 16.1″ Barrel $1,299.95

  1. burntbridges20

    Damn I’d love to have one of these if I didn’t blow this year’s gun budget on a Galil and a can already. Good price 👍

  2. ATK42

    I have nothing to contribute but that I read this as Malomars

  3. Dogsport1

    So if this is essentially a Spanish HK91, how does it compare quality-wise and why should I have this in my collection?

    Edit: Downvoted for asking why I should BIN on gundeals? Say it isn’t so!

  4. CyborgPangolin

    So these have gone from a high of 2k to this within a year. I don’t know if this is a buy price, but that’s good atleast.

  5. suckmywakelol

    Wtf is this and do I want one?

  6. 10mmIsBestCentimeter

    UGH FUCK these things are so cool. Every time they get posted, I drift closer to buying one.

  7. ebihn14

    FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUk. No, no I can’t. The Fiance will literally kill me with it if I do.

  8. Venchenko

    Giant fucking nerd here, is this one of the first weapons you get in Metal Gear Solid V?

  9. PGT_FTW

    These are terrific. I own four of them now.

  10. PolarBearCoordinates

    Cerakote finish, FYI

  11. rufusthehobo

    Saw one of these in the store. The welds didn’t look very good. I was not impressed.

  12. ClassicWoodgrain

    Is this basically a G3 / MP5 in 5.56?

  13. BeanerFucker

    The iron sights reminds me of the stoner 63 and I love it

  14. DotNetGuy479

    Nevermind – Cool looking gun

  15. Downfall_of_Numenor

    This isn’t a deal, they are interesting but niche guns. A reason why the Spanish dumped them after like 10 years.

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