[Rifle] LWRC DI, 5.56, 16.1″ Spiral Fluted Barrel, Full Ambi – $1298+Shipping

[Rifle] LWRC DI, 5.56, 16.1″ Spiral Fluted Barrel, Full Ambi – $1298+Shipping

(20 customer reviews)


[Rifle] LWRC DI, 5.56, 16.1″ Spiral Fluted Barrel, Full Ambi – $1298+Shipping

20 reviews for [Rifle] LWRC DI, 5.56, 16.1″ Spiral Fluted Barrel, Full Ambi – $1298+Shipping

  1. JamesYoung582

    Good price for the times

  2. renegadeGDI

    Tempted to get it solely because it’s the only way to get that lower now.

  3. reesesfave19

    I paid like 1500 for mine, this is a fucking steal.

  4. mikeniko

    Not bad, it has their Ambi lower……before COVID, I remember seeing the normal lower Di Rifle for $1100.

  5. wingzone

    The ONLY downside to this rifle is that it is gassy as fuck if you suppress it.

    LWRC won’t sell an adjustable gas block and they straight up told me they cannot offer advice.

    As for the spiraled barrel that gets some hate. I don’t particularly care for this handguard length anyways so I bought the two longer ones to try out, hides the barrel if that bothers you.

    I ordered an SLR adjustable gas block and my gunsmith put it on. Runs great now.

  6. MidwestRookie

    Shows $1550 when I click.

  7. TRideJuicebox

    Sad Colorado noises.

  8. OfficialHavik

    I’d jump on this if I was in the market for a 16″ rifle.

  9. chrisdetrin

    These are amazing guns.

  10. SCWA78

    This model or the mlok for the 1500 it seems to go for? This seems like a good price

  11. lancep423

    What is the point of a spiral barrel? Other than the fact that it looks cool. Weight reduction?

  12. snipergang69

    Will this upper receiver (not guard and barrel) Match another barrel and hand guard or is that BULGE weird?

  13. MagnateDogma

    I want a piston LWRC!

  14. pickled–onion

    Weight is 15lbs, Is it made of lead!!?

  15. rcberna84

    Aside from ambi lower and barrel, how would this be vs a more entry level AR – M400 Tread/Ruger MPR etc?

  16. ShittyAnalysisGuy

    Is this m-lok? Can’t tell

  17. maverickaod

    Got this one for $999 in the before times. Nice rifle, can’t speak for the seller though.

  18. [deleted]


  19. raycao881204

    Whoever came up with this ugly rail design should be punished

  20. Robert

    I like it

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