[Rifle] LMT Estonia Rifle 14.3″ 5.56 MARS | $3,199

[Rifle] LMT Estonia Rifle 14.3″ 5.56 MARS | $3,199


[Rifle] LMT Estonia Rifle 14.3″ 5.56 MARS | $3,199

24 reviews for [Rifle] LMT Estonia Rifle 14.3″ 5.56 MARS | $3,199

  1. joe_sun

    When LMT makes the SR-15 look reasonably priced

  2. fakeScotsman

    Remember discount code: SUITUP

  3. Adseg5

    I can finally mount my Romeo 5 behind my folding front sight in peace. 😌

  4. stumpy1218

    14.5s are so 2020 everyone is rocking 14.3s now

  5. grubhubby

    I like these and want one very much. Do not speak to me of price, practicality, weight, rail space, etc. because I will not listen, jerks.

  6. VampiricTyrant

    Estonia is so fucking based.

  7. Ace74u

    I get the MARS barrel system, but I can’t get over that much barrel sticking out.

  8. lifeenthusiastic

    I’ve always wanted a Estonian rifle, where is that again?

  9. EagleWings19

    What’s the deal on this? Why is it worth $3200?

  10. tommyle05

    Mmm LMTiddies 😊

  11. SageOfSixPaths491

    Fuck for $3200 there’s alot of other shit on the market I’d jump on before a 5.56 AR, and I have 2 LMT’s lol

  12. Aioros7777

    Lmt circumcised gang!

  13. CrunchBite319

    $3,200 for a rifle and you’re just gonna slap a $50 Magpul stock on it? I’ve got nicer stocks on beater rifles.

    Nothing against Magpul, I have a bunch of their stuff. But at this price point I’d want something *nice* nice.

  14. LawResistor1312

    Why specifically 14.3?

  15. torchredzo6

    From the pics I wonder will they all have the older uppers without the QR and serial on the left side?

  16. Barry_McKackiner

    *internal monologue*

    you don’t need another high end AR, barry. you DON’T!

  17. Zerok800

    Need to duel wield with my knights

  18. Tcheeks38

    Too expensive for an AR

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  20. danklelock

    This or kac 14.5?

  21. [deleted]


  22. Jamestown123456789

    So $500 more than the New Zealand Reference Rifle

  23. AznGuy-Stonks

    So this price + tax stamp right? Or am I wrong?

  24. [deleted]


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