[RIFLE] LMT CQBMRP 16″ 300BLK, $1,846.79 With Cash Price Shipped to VA

[RIFLE] LMT CQBMRP 16″ 300BLK, $1,846.79 With Cash Price Shipped to VA


[RIFLE] LMT CQBMRP 16″ 300BLK, $1,846.79 With Cash Price Shipped to VA

13 reviews for [RIFLE] LMT CQBMRP 16″ 300BLK, $1,846.79 With Cash Price Shipped to VA

  1. BornOnTheFourth

    Someone seriously needs to buy this before I do. I know its 300 BLK but you could easily sell the barrel, buy a new one and still be under what Titan Defense is asking at $2,329.00

  2. GucciRifle

    I need a LMT with a PDW stock and a 7 inch 300 BO barrel. santa claus thats the only gun I can have my bedside to defend myself from grinches

  3. dreamsushi

    lmt guys “what do the people want???? To up production on the spec war uppers/barrels? nah they want a 16 inch 300 blackout!! SEND IT”

  4. TonkaButt

    My heart sank when I thought it was a .308 and then it sank again when I realized it wasn’t and out of stock.

    Wallet is happy though. For now. I’m coming for you you little leather bitch.

  5. hack-a-shaq

    Would be cooler in a 10.5” for 300blk

  6. _pwny_

    This price is so low that even if you bought a new barrel assembly to get to what you actually wanted it’s still cheaper than most factory new options lol

  7. MP5SD5

    What makes this good for CQB?

  8. I_need_your_halp

    How was this even available? Are they finally making 300blk barrels again? I ordered a 10.5 barrel from V1 a year ago and I’m still waiting

  9. EchionSpartoi

    On the one hand, why not buy an AK, on the other hand, if you have to add all the rails and so on, the AK is probably about the same price and a lot more work.

  10. vkbrian

    Why the exposed gas block tho

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  12. john_t_fisherman


  13. BornOnTheFourth

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