[Rifle] LMT CQB MARS-L 5.56 Quad AR-15 Rifle – 30 Round – 16″ – $2,096.10

[Rifle] LMT CQB MARS-L 5.56 Quad AR-15 Rifle – 30 Round – 16″ – $2,096.10


[Rifle] LMT CQB MARS-L 5.56 Quad AR-15 Rifle – 30 Round – 16″ – $2,096.10

14 reviews for [Rifle] LMT CQB MARS-L 5.56 Quad AR-15 Rifle – 30 Round – 16″ – $2,096.10

  1. Always_Shopping

    Don’t think its a BIN. Dealers seem to be getting more of these CQB Quad in stock. It will sale out still. But there’s other tax free sites I believe and primary actually had these in stock back when they had their 12 percent off code.

  2. Adept-Resource-7234

    i have the piston version of this, lmt stuff are top, especially the enhanced bolt

    everything is costly tho

  3. Oh_u_know_the_thing

    This actually isn’t bad considering how much mars lowers go for. Wish I didn’t just buy an acog

  4. inventurous

    Wow I actually received the in-stock notification while an item is still in stock. Maybe nature really is healing. Already picked one up a few months ago though. Awesome gun but chonky.

  5. NoobShooter777

    BIN??? Gogo?

  6. Jstentson

  7. Cherrychucker

    Do these still have horrid upper to lower fit/alignment? The last LMT I handled looked like a Friday afternoon or Monday morning job.

  8. Invisible_Enron_CEO

    This is BIN. I have the exact rifle and paid $2080 with V1 Tactical and still had to wait a couple months to receive it.

  9. zefpomp

    Do these come with the enhanced BCG?, do any LMT rifles come with it?

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  11. Ready_Internet6368

    If I buy Lmt mars-L lower, for the upper do I have to buy anything specific, or just regular aero ar15 upper? Thank you.

  12. Richz02

    If you have the military discount, it is $1886.49 before tax

  13. creedbratt0n

    Give me tanodized lowers πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ»

  14. The_Gray_Beast

    CQB on a 16 inch barrel ar? I mean… I guess I’d use a shovel for cqb if I had to… but, really?

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