[Rifle] LE6920 without furniture or sights, M4 marked lower $900

[Rifle] LE6920 without furniture or sights, M4 marked lower $900


[Rifle] LE6920 without furniture or sights, M4 marked lower $900

14 reviews for [Rifle] LE6920 without furniture or sights, M4 marked lower $900

  1. panda1876

    Between this and the $8k HK arms unlimited is bringing the “wtf” lately

  2. uhkayus

    oPtIcS rEaDy

  3. Smok-_-em

    Look how they massacred my boy.

  4. [deleted]


  5. turbo_vanner

    someone somewhere is still buying 16″ carbine gassed govt profile barrels…..

  6. elas4gnihtyreve

    Roll mark makes it worth it. Just my opinion.

  7. your_huckleberry249

    Imo, only really worth it if you want the “M4 Carbine” lower and do a block 2 or block 3 build

  8. LotionOfMotion

    Fucking half built rifle

    When is CZ taking over their production?

  9. Ok_Understanding1612

    Tf? No

  10. RandyDanderson

    Crap talkers in comments acting like carbine gas and government profile chrome lined barrels aren’t good.


    This thing will out shoot any PSA, Aero/BA, Ruger MPR

  11. allenhm

    What in the actual f is this abomination? Moment of silence for my brothers and sisters still trapped in that wasteland of a state.

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  13. PageVanDamme

    IF this came in mid length and thin barrel profile this would’ve been perfect

  14. cheshirelaugh

    Dont do drugs kids.

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