[rifle] Kriss Vector G2 CRB 45acp, $1599.99

[rifle] Kriss Vector G2 CRB 45acp, $1599.99


[rifle] Kriss Vector G2 CRB 45acp, $1599.99

10 reviews for [rifle] Kriss Vector G2 CRB 45acp, $1599.99

  1. ccassaro1

    I feel like this gun belongs in the game Mass Effect

  2. fitgranticus

    How annoying would it be (in minecraft) to cut that fake suppressor off? Would there be enough remaining barrel to thread?

  3. r00sh_

    How hard to make this thing full auto in minecraft?

  4. w2dude

    How are the kris’s g17 mag extensions? Any reliability issues? I can’t really find anything online

  5. ClassicWafflez

    I had an the FDE version of this gun. Something broke and it went full-auto on me while at an indoor range. The “super V” recoil system really tamed the 1,200 rpm so much that it took me a few 10 round burst for me to notice that it was full-auto. I sent it back to Kriss for a refund and it’s something I regret to this day.

  6. InterstellarReddit

    Someone talk me out of this please 🥺

  7. ekinnee

    Picked up a lightly used one for $1300 a couple of months ago. Stock has been an issue for awhile, and I believe this is MSRP.

  8. Contortrix69

    Stop right there Jedi scum

  9. or10r

    I now wish I never would have built my 6.5 and spent the money on this instead.

  10. Cheap_Blacksmith66

    Is this an SBR or pistol? Stamps needed with this?

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