[Rifle] KE Arms KP-15 Polymer Stripped Lower Receiver with Stock (Black) $79.99

[Rifle] KE Arms KP-15 Polymer Stripped Lower Receiver with Stock (Black) $79.99


[Rifle] KE Arms KP-15 Polymer Stripped Lower Receiver with Stock (Black) $79.99

21 reviews for [Rifle] KE Arms KP-15 Polymer Stripped Lower Receiver with Stock (Black) $79.99

  1. AYooper

    I need one of these. But I also need to stop buying things for a bit. The struggle is real. Damn these look cool though.

  2. [deleted]


  3. netballr

    Crazy deal. Never thought within a year of coming to market they’d be abundantly available and consistently undercutting conventional lowers.

    Ran mine at a match the other day. Works freaking great and the magwell is a massive improvement.

  4. csbsju_guyyy

    The complete lower I got a couple months back that I had pre-ordered when these came out is amazing. Runs great and looks great – it’s FDE tho and IMO FDE is 100% the way to go unless you want the black for nighttime tacticool

  5. 86gwrhino

    for those that don’t know, you also get the proprietary parts included with the stripped lowers (take down pins and roll pin for buffer)

    i have 2 of these, they’re awesome

  6. whk1992

    My LGS special ordered one for me from RSR for less than $90, no FFL fees of course. Ask your local LGS too and support local businesses!

  7. cancerlad

    Since these have a stock built onto it, does that mean it ships as a rifle, meaning that those under 21 can buy it? Or does it follow normal lower laws?

  8. torchredzo6

    Anyone else getting a transaction error?

  9. Peter_Plays_Guitar

    So what all do you need to buy to fit this for use?

    Trigger, safety, buffer tube, mag release, bolt release? That’s it? Then slap on an upper?

    I’ve never built an AR before and this could be a fun project.

  10. TheGoldenCaulk

    Might have to pick one up since the lower on my WWSD runs a bit too loose for my liking.

  11. millerfootball57

    Would you be able to run a 20 Inch barrel with the standard carbine buffer in this?

  12. silvaliningplaymaker

    In for one WWSD build

  13. SinistralRifleman

    Use code RDDTGD21 for 15% off on KEArms.com
    Get the parts kit you need for these with all the optimized parts and stop trying to install cheap chinesium parts kits. Our lead times are down to 1-3 weeks depending on what your order.

  14. spinn3

    I really want one of these for a lightweight-but-not-go-all-out-lightweight build I have planned. But I have none of the other parts so I’ll hold for now. The one thing I wish weren’t integral is the grip. I don’t like the angle and wish it were removable.

  15. a_sick_moose

    I bought one, thanks OP. Gonna make a poor mans cetme or wwsd. Or make a mk18 lmao imma go wild

  16. ghoulgang_

    Why shouldn’t I get this for a cheap light weight keep it simple build? I have a 14.5” upper im building that I’m gonna keep irons only and I want to spray paint it with some FDE

  17. toolness122

    I got some weird error when I hit the final button to purchase….so like a potato I hit it again. Now I have two on the way, and I’m not even mad.

  18. Paulie771

    Damn, I kinda want to get one of these to do a pin and welded 14.5″ KISS with a standard FSB and a DD rear on it. Am I crazy?

  19. MisterMasterCylinder

    Probably going to buy this at this price, but I wish they used a rifle length buffer for these, even if they had to stretch the stock to A2 length to incorporate extra material to support it. It just makes for a softer shooter IMO. If you’re going to be using a fixed stock anyway, what’s the downside?

  20. ZedHunter666

    Bought both colors as fde was also in stock. Fuck my wallet I guess.

  21. MT_2A7X1_DAVIS

    They ever fix the QC issues with these? I’ve seen some pictures online and wasn’t impressed.

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