[Rifle] Kalash USA KR-103 Red wood – $1401, Atlantic

[Rifle] Kalash USA KR-103 Red wood – $1401, Atlantic


[Rifle] Kalash USA KR-103 Red wood – $1401, Atlantic

15 reviews for [Rifle] Kalash USA KR-103 Red wood – $1401, Atlantic

  1. SillyBilly36

    On the video they mention that these have CHF barrels vs the cheaper polymer version with a button rifeling. Still not worth it IMO but that’s why we see the price increase I think.

  2. Sure-Crazy3212

    Who’s man’s is this

  3. gorillaz3648

    Post a PSA, everyone shits on them for being too cheap and shitty

    Post a KUSA, everyone shits on them for being too expensive and says “just buy an import”

    Nobody ever posts WBP anymore because they’re unobtanium

    I love it here

  4. aclark210

    Yikes that’s more expensive than KUSA themselves…

  5. victorconcepts

    Ummm are they high AF

  6. there_is-no-spoon

    If I get a kusa it’ll be the side folder

  7. ComradeHX

    eww that wood is ugly compared to real Russian wood and they’re charging extra idiot tax?

  8. Sober_Browns_Fan

    Not sure this is worth the extra $100 over a WBP

  9. wormraper

    lol, $300 increase just for the furniture?? is KUSA smoking something ???

  10. snowman7775

    Excuse my ignorance, but why this over an import especially at the price point where you can get a Beryl, or a Zastava for cheaper.

  11. M11Nine

    Ooooh that’s nice

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  13. -Chimpanzee-

    Why would someone put wood on an AK-103

  14. corster88

    Don’t really follow the AK market. Are these the caviar of the AK world?

  15. ComradeCam


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