[Rifle] IWI Zion 5.56 NATO Mid-Length Gas 16” Z15TAC16 – $699.99

[Rifle] IWI Zion 5.56 NATO Mid-Length Gas 16” Z15TAC16 – $699.99


[Rifle] IWI Zion 5.56 NATO Mid-Length Gas 16” Z15TAC16 – $699.99

12 reviews for [Rifle] IWI Zion 5.56 NATO Mid-Length Gas 16” Z15TAC16 – $699.99

  1. osprey1349

    Pretty bangin deal for someone looking to get into AR. IWI is awesome

  2. opossomSnout

    I go back and forth between this and the Ruger MPR. Love me an IWI but the Ruger is also great.

  3. [deleted]

    Fuck me. Just get this and a sig/holosun red dot and shoot the thing. And before the comments, yes a light, sling, and ammo. Like every AR post

  4. Appropriate-Barber66

    Wow this is a screaming deal! The Zion is a combat ready AR, getting in for the price of a PA15 is awesome!

  5. Zachattack516

    This is the perfect start to a good sub $1000 set up. Romeo5 or Holosun 403. Stream light HLX with the magpul mount for the light if you wanna stay budget (~$15) compared to (~$40) for the Arisaka. And a decent sling. So many good options in the $30-50 range. Should get you just at a $1000 with a nice first setup. Plenty of money left for a 1000 round case of ammo.

  6. ApolloNotCreed

    Oos. Anything else comparable in quality and price on sale right now?

  7. smilk327

    Is this website legit?

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  9. TaskForceD00mer

    This or a Colt “Trooper”/EPR?

  10. jollybearman

    Didn’t see it on the site, what is the barrel twist on this?

  11. [deleted]


  12. BeterBiperBeppers

    Is this gun shop trustworthy?

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