[RIFLE] – IWI ZION-15 5.56NATO 30RD 16″ RIFLE, BLACK- Z15TAC16 – $748.99

[RIFLE] – IWI ZION-15 5.56NATO 30RD 16″ RIFLE, BLACK- Z15TAC16 – $748.99


[RIFLE] – IWI ZION-15 5.56NATO 30RD 16″ RIFLE, BLACK- Z15TAC16 – $748.99

17 reviews for [RIFLE] – IWI ZION-15 5.56NATO 30RD 16″ RIFLE, BLACK- Z15TAC16 – $748.99

  1. leanmeancoffeebean

    I just got the pistol version of this, seems great, shoots well. I’m not an ar expert but I think this a good value

  2. 10mmIsBestCentimeter

    Are these objectively good guns?

  3. MURTEK3

    I like the gun and I like Dack but be prepared to wait about a month for it to ship. Every order I have placed with them has taken over 30 days and their website says the same.

  4. ch3st3rrr

    I ordered from patriot firearm usa and was lucky enough to get one with a BCG that had the logo I paid 765 and shipping but that made it worth it

  5. hellzraven7

    These will be cheaper in about a week or 2…usually around 700$.

  6. Adept-Resource-7234

    thats a good deal for anyone in the market for a 16″ ar for under 1k

  7. VolsFC

    Love my 12.5, seems like the consensus is that these are the best bang for the buck complete builds

  8. waratworld17

    Woah, IWI named a gun after the city in the Matrix. They must be huge Wachowski fans.

  9. grem89

    Get this rifle. It’s my first AR and super fun and reliable to shoot. Slap a good red dot on and you’re good to go.

  10. DongleJockey

    This or a ruger 18″ mpr?

  11. ImGundy

    Are these chrome lined?

  12. MrFauncy

    In for 1!

  13. Voaabq

    Consider this a premium economy, AR, slighty above Ruger and S&W, maybe slightly less or comparable to the Saint series from Springfield.Solid buy, just ordered the pistol version. DD and LMT are premium plus, but there’s reasons why.


    Damn good rifle, good company, good value.
    I own one and have no complaints.

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  16. xmonger

    What l length gas system? I don’t see it in the specs on Dacks site.

  17. opossomSnout

    These chew up steel case without issues?

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