[Rifle] IWI US Tavor X95 5.56 NATO 16.5″ Black – $1699.99 (Only 5 left)

[Rifle] IWI US Tavor X95 5.56 NATO 16.5″ Black – $1699.99 (Only 5 left)


[Rifle] IWI US Tavor X95 5.56 NATO 16.5″ Black – $1699.99 (Only 5 left)

9 reviews for [Rifle] IWI US Tavor X95 5.56 NATO 16.5″ Black – $1699.99 (Only 5 left)

  1. DeadbeatPillow1

    Unlimited budget(within reason) what’s the best bull pup rifle and why?

  2. osirhc

    I think this might be my next rifle. I’ve wanted a bullpup for a long time, it’s between this and the AUG, but I really like IWI in general and the modularity of the Tavor really appeals to me

  3. nexus9

    My LGS has one for $1550, originally priced it at $1900 but it didn’t sell so they’re trying to get rid of it today. I feel like I need to jump on it, seems like a great price for these. I don’t remember what they went for in the before-times, though, so I don’t have a great frame of reference.

  4. Nick_Chopper

    Why are the 7’s so hard to find??

  5. Exotli8

    Had a good experience buying a IWI 12.5″ Zion AR pistol from 208gunshop a couple of weeks back. Just call and make sure you FFL gets their info and license sent over to them and they will probably ship fairly quickly.

  6. mmiski

    [SMGA.com](https://SMGA.com) price matched mine down to $1,649 using Dack Outdoors. After taxes it came out to around $1748 though. But they shipped it out within a day and I had it in my hands at my FFL 2 days later. Everything went flawlessly.

    Haven’t dealt with [208gunshop.com](https://208gunshop.com) before, but a quick search shows lots of positive reviews. I’ll have to give them a shot sometime too.

  7. Excellent-Event-387

    This or CZ bren 2 Ms?

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  9. Overpowernamerino

    i want a 13inch 300blk

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