[Rifle] IWI TAVOR X95 $1749.99

[Rifle] IWI TAVOR X95 $1749.99


[Rifle] IWI TAVOR X95 $1749.99

6 reviews for [Rifle] IWI TAVOR X95 $1749.99

  1. DietsNotRiots

    Holding out for the green one…

  2. thatshiftyshadow

    Man I had some pea brain transfer one of these through my shop a couple weeks ago…

    Guy paid $3200 for it 😅

  3. enclave76

    Price is GTG if anyone just started shopping for an X95. They’ve been hovering around $1800-1900 pretty consistently while in stock. Once in awhile you’ll see them for $1700 but it’s pretty rare

  4. COVIDMadeMeANewt

    Surprisingly a good price ngl

  5. makeitgobang

    How do these shoot?

  6. Gunnilinux

    This or an mdrx? Or something else to satisfy my bullpup need

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