[rifle] IWI Tavor X-95 $1673 shipped

[rifle] IWI Tavor X-95 $1673 shipped


[rifle] IWI Tavor X-95 $1673 shipped

18 reviews for [rifle] IWI Tavor X-95 $1673 shipped

  1. noobeater5

    Bad deal once they tag on that TX tax – C’MON MAN

  2. AcessFull

    Waiting to see how the hellion fares in the real world as opposed to compensated you tubers.

  3. Overpowernamerino

    i wish they do a gen 2 upgrade with free flowing barrel and better trigger.

  4. Rem_Job13

    Just bought one two days ago with an acog for $1700. Pretty stoked to get it in the mail

  5. Doball

    Bought the X95 several year ago when they were first introduced. Think I paid $1850 back then. Could I have gotten a higher end AR for that price? Yeah probably. Do I regret my purchase? Not at all. Several thousand rounds in and I have no complaints. It’s a solid bullpup that’s a pleasure to shoot. If you’re in the market for a bullpup to add to your collection, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with an X95.

  6. HWKII

    Can any of us really afford an X-95 if it means that Karl from InRange won’t be our friend?

  7. zippitydoodiddly

    More of an in stock than a deal. Got posted for a couple bucks more than this last week.

  8. FlaccidDiamonds

    Damn it, I want this bad. No tax on guns in WV makes it so much easier to do too.

  9. SolarMoth

    Someone talk me out of it. I don’t even go shooting much anymore. Ahhh, but I want it.

  10. YoDavidPlays

    its a great rifle but its chonk

  11. faRawrie

    And Springfield wants $2k for the Hellion. At least with the Tavor you get a firearm with track record and a decent aftermarket/spare parts market.

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  13. jaykaypeeness

    I think I’m the only person alive who preferred the original TAVOR SAR over the X95.

  14. InfiniteWalrus09

    I’d really like these to get down to 1400-1500. I can’t bring myself to pay this much for one.

  15. BabyHulk

    Loved this gun but my manlet arms prevented me from enjoying it to the fullest. I sold mine to my buddy for 1.5k.

  16. booger_hole

    Me want .308

  17. MrDripsAbit

    What big pieces of shit these are.

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