[Rifle] IWI GALIL ACE GEN II PISTOL 7.62X39 13″ $1549.99 free shipping / no tax

[Rifle] IWI GALIL ACE GEN II PISTOL 7.62X39 13″ $1549.99 free shipping / no tax


[Rifle] IWI GALIL ACE GEN II PISTOL 7.62X39 13″ $1549.99 free shipping / no tax

21 reviews for [Rifle] IWI GALIL ACE GEN II PISTOL 7.62X39 13″ $1549.99 free shipping / no tax

  1. ZZZrp

    Damn, still in stock after 16 minutes? the fuck is y’all doin? you still turkeypilled or what?


    These dudes at 208 just FUCKING US

  3. AFucknBagOfMilkyways

    Oh Jeebus somebody talk me down.

  4. echocall2

    F me I just bought a Virtus 🙁

  5. W0eUnt0You

    I see Galil, I hit like

  6. Direct-Example

    Dammit, wasn’t expecting to spend $1500 today 😬. Sent it.

  7. lifeenthusiastic

    I have the 8″ but tempted to get a 13 too, I love these guns.

  8. Excellent-Event-387

    Must hodl for 8″

  9. hammerdown10k

    *”Everybody come with me, it’s time to use the Ace 23…”*

  10. h3ymanniceshot

    PLS GIB 5.45 FOR GOY

  11. SCWA78

    Thoughts on this vs the 8”? Kinda want one…..

  12. notmyrealdad123456

    If I didn’t spend $3000 on a Snapsafe titan XXL today I would’ve snatched this. It’s basically what iwi chargers for mil discount

  13. Drewcrew73

    Damn already have the 8.3….. do I buy this and sell the 8.3?🤔

  14. ATF0PenUp

    Should I buy this if I don’t intend to buy the ammo for it at these current prices?

  15. Direct-Example

    Bot OOS

  16. theatfshotmycats

    if i didn’t just lift my truck, nerf bars, tires, alignment, bull bar, buy 1k of ammo, and have a newborn baby i’d be all over this. Next time.

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  18. Send_It_Linda_308

    I wish i could buy one and move the charging handle back to the right side…. I’d probably snag one if it werent for that.

  19. Choogly

    Wow, what a deal. I think we’re actually seeing prices _better_ than 2019 on guns now. Very strange time.

  20. Zerok800


  21. NJDevil219

    I’m in NJ..waiting on 16″ 7.62 to pop up again eventually but I feel like it’s been months

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