[rifle] IWI Galil Ace Gen II 7.62×39 Rifle 16 – $1799

[rifle] IWI Galil Ace Gen II 7.62×39 Rifle 16 – $1799


[rifle] IWI Galil Ace Gen II 7.62×39 Rifle 16 – $1799

13 reviews for [rifle] IWI Galil Ace Gen II 7.62×39 Rifle 16 – $1799

  1. ihavefat

    I posted the pistol version for 7.62 the other day and some mentioned that they were waiting for the rifle version. Here you go

  2. elcamino45

    I have been looking for one of these and just bought the second to last one. Thanks OP!

  3. Z_0_Sick

    Still want a gen 1 rifle

  4. 010kindsofpeople

    Is it easy enough to make the ACE look like a 1960’s galil?

  5. SpartanFL


  6. Tcheeks38

    I want one of these so bad but I could get so much more shit for $1800…

  7. luckyhat4

    I don’t buy Israeli products but it is nice to hear how stoked you guys are about the Ace.

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  9. regalusername

    But does it make fireballs like the 8.3”?

  10. fuzznugget20

    Missed it damnit


    In the description it says to only use American made magazines and not any imports. Why is that?

  12. GetSchwifty_18

    For the ACE what is the preferred round 7.62 or 5.56?

  13. Ace0486

    Gen 1>

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